Baby's First Month - What I Learned After My 3rd Child #tips #baby #pregnancy #newmom

My youngest little one is already 4 months old.  I wanted to write a recap of his months as it went by, but time and life got the best of me.  First months are so precious, so magical, and the most memorable too.  But it's sometimes the hardest time to get through because you care so much, everything scares you and you want to make sure it's all okay.  Here's a random list of things I went through his first month.  Followed by what I learned about the first month after my 3rd child.

-He slept allot.  He slept all day, and only woke up short moments at a time to feed and give blank stares.
-My little one had baby acne.  Little white dots, that disappeared quickly.  He had signs of eczema.  -Cradle cap that came and went on his head, ears and forehead.  He had what looked like a heat rash all over.  He broke out in what was a red rash all over, started from his face and spread to his whole body.  But with patience, it all went away in about a week and a half.
-He had gas.  Every time he needed to let out gas, or produce a bowel movement he would cry - arch his back and curl up to do so.  It's them learning the process.
-He would have his cute little blank stare and pout his lips.  That's when I knew he was peeing.
-By the end of week one he had longer moments with is eyes open.  Made eye contact, and even gave a few smiles.  Smiles are the best, and the cutest when you catch them doing it in their sleep.  You might even be able to catch baby giggle in their sleep before you see them do it awake.
-He started working on his hand to mouth coordination towards the end of the month.
-He quickly had a stronger neck, looking around.
-Cutting his nails was and is necessary every week.
-By the time he was almost 2 months old he was giving baby "coos."

In the first month of baby's life you'll worry.  Here's my take on those worries after my third baby, and what I wish I had known.
  • Worrying if they had enough wet & "solid" diapers. Every one of my children were different.  With my first I remember having a chart, and my son going often.  There were different colors, shades, and consistencies.  Similar with my second.  And now with my third, very different.  No pattern.  No shades, nothing.  I've been told to go with - as long as there are enough wet diapers, baby not producing a bowel movement for 7 - 10 days is normal.  There's a wide range of "normal."  So don't stress out over every single everything.  Also forget the wipe warmers, if you're home, just wash baby in the sink..that's what I did (after my first).
  • The stuffy nose.  With my first I had all the bulbs, saline and suckers I could get my hands on.  I remember the big fuss I made that one dry booger I saw and the need I felt to get it out to help him breathe better.  Now I see I shouldn't go picking and poking at everything.  With my third, I use saline if needed and if I don't have it - breast milk will even do the job.  Drop a little of that or saline, help moisturize baby's nostrils and if it doesn't come out right away - he'll eventually sneeze it out.  Oh and don't worry about the sneezes, just smile - it's "normal."  No poking, pulling, sucking...  I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to stop stressing over that one dry booger I swear isn't letting my baby breathe. 
  • Skin issues.  My first born didn't have much baby acne that I could recall, but he did have eczema and cradle cap.  Eczema much worse later on but that was because of my "allergen" filled diet at the time.  Here's my tip on baby acne, and cradle cap.  Leave it alone.  Don't go buying every cream and natural remedy you can find.  Chances are you might irritate it more.  Use a gentle wash on baby hair or cradle cap area and while it's wet gently comb through.  That's it.  It will come back sometimes but it will eventually go away too.  For baby acne too, don't use everything you can find.  I remember using things for my son that he ended up being severely allergic to later on (like milk and oat baths).  This time, I was out of options since I knew not to try many things - I just waited it out, and sure enough it cleared up on it's own.
  • Baby not sleeping through the night?  Ok so this one isn't one that everyone will agree with, but it worked for me.  I stayed up with baby, because naturally I was worried and wanted to watch him to make sure he was ok at all times.  But once exhaustion hit, I slept with baby.  I didn't go sleep with my husband and baby.  Just baby and I on a big bed.  He had the whole half of the bed safely without extra pillows or comforters, but he was at arms reach if I needed to nurse during the night.  I think it helped him gain a sense of time and now he sleeps through the night. 
  • Scratch mittens?  I used them with my first, felt like it was important, but somehow with my third all I've had to do was make sure his nails are cut enough.  Accidental little scratches will happen, but I think it's important they're able to have their hands free to start developing their motor skills and sense of touch.
  • Breastfeeding?  I nurse now, and exclusively did with my first 2 as well, but with all three it has been different.  If you plan to breastfeed, and you want to - then don't even let yourself think there is an option for formula.  Once you allow yourself to think there is an out, you'll take it.  For me breastfeeding was incredibly difficult the first time.  My son was latching on wrong, I was extra sensitive.  It was a horribly painful experience with every feeding, but I got through it.  If you want to breastfeed, tell yourself you can and you will.  If you plan on having more than one child, it got easier for me with every child.  It hurt with my second but it didn't keep me up for the first month in pain.  With my third, I kept having issues with what seemed like he kept sucking air in but with patience we got through it.  Patience, that seems to be the pattern to all things parenting. 
  • PPD?  Here's my take on it, don't let it go there.  Don't let your hormones get the best of you, you have control.  It's easy to get wind up in how "down" you might feel, how you feel about your body, your freedom etc. but think positive.  Think happy thoughts, and you'll get passed the sensitive time.  Don't blame yourself for anything right or wrong.  And most importantly if you feel down, speak up and talk to someone.     
None of these are professional medical advice.  These are my tips based on personal experience as mom of three.  However here's my professional advice as a mom: take lots and lots of pictures & videos.  Time flies, enjoy it all - and yes even the cries. :P.