What Makes You Happy?

Happy Cookie Baked with Love and Help from My Kids
So many things make me incredibly happy!  Things many people overlook and take for granted.  Things I took for granted all my life now make me happy.  I appreciate the smallest things, and the simplest things make my day and end up as the biggest accomplishment of my days. 
If you follow me on Instagram (d2dMOM) you'll see I share occasional food pictures during the week, and all of which makes me so happy.  It took me 6 years to learning how to cook and bake comfortably allergy friendly.  Besides the expensive hard to find ingredients, I don't find it such a challenge anymore to make food for my family free of wheat, rye, millet, oats, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, garlic, and more.  It terrified me in the past, and I found it hard to omit so much I was used to eating everyday. 

Now my children grow up eating almost everything my husband and I grew up eating, just their own safer version.  That is something I smile about everyday.  I'm glad I learned how to cook when I was younger from my mom.  Learning the basics of cooking is so important, not measurements and exact recipes but just getting comfortable in the kitchen.  Knowing the basics has given me the ability to feel comfortable in adapting so many "recipes" over the years.  Every other day I surprise myself with dishes that are so good, you don't know they are "versions" of anything else but just good food. 

So what makes you happy, that others might take for granted?