Smile - It Could Be Worse!

Every once in a while we need to remind ourselves that things could always be worse.  Don't sit around and mope.  Don't spend your day feeling sorry for yourself for something silly.  Sure it might seem like the end of the world, but chances are it could be worse.
Now I don't mean you should think of the worst case scenario every time but instead, appreciate all that you have and all that is good today.  One thing I've learned in my life is that, it can be worse, and to appreciate everything the way it is today.  Another thing I've learned in association with that, health is probably the most important thing in life.  You could be financially and socially rich - have it all but if you don't have health, you have nothing. 
Things are not like it was before, we are now in the generation of always being in the know.  If you want to know something you don't go to the library, you Google - everything is instant.  We hear of horrible stories of accidents, deaths, illnesses all the time whether we want to or not.  You never think it could be you, you separate yourself from the stories of cancer, losing of family members, and random diseases or conditions people deal with.  Sure you sympathize, but that's it.  You never think it could be you, until it happens and find yourself on the other side.
I lost my mom when I was in high school - never ever thought I'd be one of those people that lose their parent/s at a young age.  Just never crossed my mind growing up.  My son was diagnosed with severe multiple food allergies at 6 months when I almost lost him, never even knew about food allergies back then.  Life has taught me that it could be me, it could very easily be.  It has taught me to relate sympathize, and most of all appreciate everything.  I can't live my life making sure to give compassion and the appropriate attention for everyone having a tough time, but I could at least appreciate.  Over the past 10 years or so, I've learned to appreciate everything, live life for today, and to never stress over the little things (no matter how big and bad it may seem at the moment) because there are far too many great wonderful amazing things to be thankful for.  From our very big worries to the small everyday ones, it's good to stop and ask ourselves is it really something you should let trouble you? 

So I ask you, what are you most grateful for today?  As you think about that one, smile - actually smile at the screen.  You'll be surprised at how it helps you feel good.  :D  If you happened to be feeling down having the worst time of your life, no matter how horrible the situation - just for a moment think of how it could be worse and be strong.  Life will go on and it will get better.