Are you as KIND as you are online in person?

While we are in the midst of many conferences going on here in New York City, I wanted to send a quick reminder to all to be kind.  Many times bloggers stick to their usual group of online friends, and are only interested in making friends with those that they can benefit from.  I understand as it is a business & brand all bloggers are working on growing, however remember you were once brand new to it all too.
So next time you run into someone that isn't as "big" as you in stats, and not as experienced as you, take a moment to be kind.  It is all about the community and friendships that keeps us all going, so take a moment to open your arms up and help someone new to it all. 
I see way too often online bloggers bashing the ways of others, how they blog, how much they blog for - how about telling them directly instead of talking critically of them with others that do it your way.  Also remember everyone does things theirs way, whether you think it's the right way or not.  So many campaigns and posts about anti-bullying, being kind but I see way to much of it as I watch quietly from the sidelines.  It is a community that wouldn't survive without each others support from the beginning, so just be kind. 
I confess this all comes to you as I had unfortunate experiences with meeting people in person years ago at my first conference and just got reminded of it by the excitement of it all coming to New York City again.  Online, people are so nice, because I suppose it is a business they are running as they promote themselves, but in person unfortunately some are very different.  So maybe if you can't be fully kind as you are online for real, at least fake it.  I wish some people weren't so fake, which also reminds me of the people that I have met in person who are so nice and sweet it is refreshing.  It isn't all bad, but I tell you not everyone is as nice as they seem online as they are in person.  It surprises me every time.  Maybe they don't mean to be, so here's a reminder to anyone that is reading - be kind in person as much as you are online.  This really isn't just for bloggers, this applies to new friends you make online, to your co-workers, classmates, everyone that uses the kind and honest as you would be online in person and  of course vice versa.