All My Kids Will Be Offered the Same Food

You must have read the title and thought "why wouldn't your kids eat the same ?"  It's because of allergies.  My kids don't share the same food allergies and I give them both the same food, all the time.  They both like different things but the same foods are offered to them.  I would never offer/give one child something that the other is deathly allergic to.  Makes sense right?  Well some people don't get it. 

I get why I should let them be themselves, like different book and toys, but when it comes to food - they are offered the same thing.  I was told to give food to my daughter that my son is deathly allergic to, by people who have no idea what it is to live with food allergies.  Here are a number of reasons why I will not be doing that, thank you very much.

The variety of foods I offer are plenty healthy, nutritious, delicious and interesting.  So why give something the other is allergic to as if they are missing out?

While on the topic of missing out.  So what if one is "missing out," is it fair to offer one sibling something that the other is deathly allergic to, just so she is "fitting in" with the world?!  Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me either.

And again, while on the topic of deadly allergies.  If my daughter eats something my son is allergic to, that means they aren't going to be able to play with each other safely.  I would have to worry if my toddler put her hand in her mouth (which toddlers do by the way).  I would have to make sure her hands are all clean.  It sounds silly, might not even make sense - but life threatening allergens are everywhere as it is - can they just be safe in their home with their siblings at least.  I mean, really..all for what?  A candy bar?  I don't even know what she's missing out on that she would need.

I understand if there was a vitamin or some sort of nutritional deficiency but we actually eat allot better than we would have if it wasn't for food allergies.  For a family that keeps clear from wheat, milk, eggs, all nuts, shellfish/fish, oats and so much more we have a great list of foods we can eat at home as a family.  So thanks for the suggestion, but no I will not be feeding one child something the other can die from.  When everyone grows up and is able to care for themselves, everyone will eat everything they can and want to but until then I'd like to keep everyone happy and alive.  This is why I don't ever give opinions on other peoples lives, you never really know what a person might have to go through in their lives.  I won't judge you for not knowing what you're not supposed to know, like how it is living in our shoes, but don't judge me for offering the same abundant amount of foods to all my children.  Yup, there actually isn't any lack of here.  My kids love food, we are actually what you'd describe as foodies.  We are always in the kitchen as a family experimenting and creating different dishes we can all eat as a family.  I understand you come with good intentions, but as my 2 year old would say "thank you but no."