Tiggly SHAPES Educational Learning System for Your Tablet!

We have had Tiggly Shapes for a while now, and both my older kids love it, even my 6 year old.  It has actually helped my daughter (2 year old) learn her shapes without her feeling like she's learning, she just enjoys playing with them on the apps.  Colorful soft shapes that go with award winning apps make it the perfect must have for children learning their shapes.  Tiggly learning systems make it possible for little ones to learn hand eye coordination, motor skills, and early literacy skills just to name a few - all of which aren't available in your typical app.  Children will engage their senses and learn about animals, colors, and so much more as they play.  It comes in a perfect pouch to carry them in when on the go, or simply to store them in.  I love tossing it in my bag for them to play with in the car or waiting rooms at various appointments.
Tiggly Shapes is available for purchase for $29.95 and it comes with 3 apps.   The 3 fun apps available for download to go with Tiggly Shapes are Tiggly Safari for shape recognition, Tiggly Stamp for storytelling, and Draw Creatively.  The apps are available for download on Google Play and the App store.  These aren't your typical apps where you only point out the shapes, and sort, children get to play with the fun animation as they learn.  It is also very simple to use, your children will figure it out on their own right away.  I absolutely love Tiggly Shapes not just because it is educational but because it is fun and approved by my kids.  Tiggly continues to create and amaze with new additions; learn more about the other Tiggly must have learning systems by clicking on the links to our other reviews: Tiggly Numbers and Tiggly Words.