New York Baby Show Highlights #MomTrendsLounge

I received a media pass.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
Last weekend I attended the New York Baby Show with my family, and had a great day learning about all the new must haves for parents and young children.  Everything a parent and child could ever need or want was under one roof!  Creams, snacks, strollers, clothing, and so much more.  Even Canon the title sponsor of the show, offering moment capturing tips and more.  As a mom of three, including my infant I was truly in the right place.  Mom Trends had a blogger lounge set up for us which made the day extra special.  I was in love with so many products and services on display but since I can't list them all here, here are some highlights from the show.
First off thanks to the awesome Mom Trends team - The Nanny League sitters were on site watching our children allowing us to enjoy the show.  They are college educated nannies offering full time, part time nannies, temporary care, on call sitters, personal assistants, and tutors available in California, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  My older two kids had a great time with them coloring, crafting and playing.  After my positive experience with them I recommend checking them out.
While my kids were off playing I was able to enjoy some pampering by the Glam Squad in the #MomTrendsLounge.  Since I don't ever have time for me these day, I took full advantage and enjoyed getting my hair beautifully braided, my makeup fixed, and lastly a mini manicure.  The Glam Squad is an incredible service that allows you to bring the talented hair, makeup and nail specialists to come to your home and get you ready to go.  You book your appointment and they will come to you to get you glammed up for whatever the occasion may be.  The artists were so nice and talented, of course making it all look so easy.  Get more information online at, and there's even a free app you can download.
As a food allergy mom it is so hard to find any snacks that are allergy friendly so I was excited to learn about Baby Mum Mums, and Kiddylicious.  Baby Mum Mums are the teething biscuits I wish I had with my first two kids.  They are rice snacks that are gluten, peanut, egg free, and now dairy free as well.  I tried a sample and they taste good too.  Kiddylicious Fruit Crispies are tasty little fish shaped gummy candies with a kid friendly rice crisp in every bite.  I tried only a sample but loved that they were non gmo, no added sugar/salt/preservitives, no high fructose corn syrup, no nuts/seeds/egg/milk or lactose.  I'm pretty sure every kid will love them too.  With the natural, simple ingredients the snacks have - it's simply the fish shaped snack every kid should be eating.
Ever see an item and without too much thought think you just don't need it?  Well this is what happened to me with BiteSizers by Mixed Pears.  They are sharp, super efficient food scissors you carry with you and use to cut down your childs' food to  bite size.  I was very shocked at how very well it cut, and even more surprising is how much I've needed it all these years - once I gave them a try.  I'm glad I have one now as I've already used it everyday so far. 

Getting all three kids dressed and ready can be difficult sometimes, and not just picking out outfits but affordability that matches quality too.  Which is why I like Primary.  It's soft solid colored quality clothing for children, all under $25, I'm glad I got to see and feel the items in person.

Above are just some of the highlights from the #MomTrendsLounge, far too many great brands at the New York Baby Show to mention in one post so look for more of my favorites in upcoming posts.



"One of the Best Days Ever" Thanks to New Skylanders Characters #Skylanders #SkylandersGame

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review, all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Are gifts just for special occasions?  No, sometimes you just have to reward your kids and make their day for just being awesome.  I think it's important to reward their everyday efforts, and not only because it's their birthday or a special occasion but just because.  And what goes well with them being awesome?  Some awesome new Skylanders characters.  After I surprised my son with Trap Master Enigma, Flip Wreck, and Fling Kong, he said it was one of the best days ever.  A few weeks ago I bought him the Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack, something he has been wanting for so long, so some new characters truly made his day.
Every character with unique strengths, abilities and upgrades in the game - it's no wonder kids love them.  Besides, anything that makes my son's day and makes him want to make me a drawing to surprise me back..I love. 
Enigma (Trap Master)
Flip Wreck (Water) 
Fling Kong (Air)
I initially was hesitant to purchase the Skylanders game when my son wanted them, and I stayed away because of the prices.  I eventually gave in, only to get the Skylanders Giants game a try to start, and after some time became a fan myself.  I was turned off by the need to purchase more characters, but much to my sons delight, I quickly gained a new respect for the game and the many characters.  There's great quality and detail in every character, and unlike regular collectibles (that's expensive anyway) these you get to see come to life and give you more for your buck.  One of my favorite "collectibles," for sure.  My son loves these three characters so much he said, you'd have to really play with them to understand.  Check them out at, where you can find out about all the characters and more.  Some of the social media channels you can follow them on are @Skylandersgame and

Wordless Wednesday - It's Not Perfect...

It's not perfect but it doesn't have to be for you to bring a smile to your kids faces.  Plus you can sneak in veggies with more chances of them eating it up! ;)

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto IQ Technology #Review #MothersDayGift

I gave birth to my third bundle of love a few weeks ago and now looking for fast healthy snack ideas for all of us even more than usual during the day.  The Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto IQ technology has been a savior for quick treats that are healthy for everyone.  Making smoothies, slushies, and even simple snacks for my kids is easy and fast.  Nothing beats being able to create delicious items in a snap at home. 
Just the perfect time of year to start enjoying cold treats the Ninja blender that crushes ice instantly, and it comes with three size cups (18oz, 24oz, 32oz) making it perfect to make a little or allot at a time.  Making something for the whole family?  Use the blender, I really like that it is a 2 in 1 and love that it isn't a million pieces of items.
The Auto-IQ technology features intelligent programs that combine unique timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work for you.  For the Nutri Ninja cup you can blend, ultra blend, puree, pulse in setting low, medium, or high.  For the Total Crushing Blender the settings available are frozen drinks/smoothies, puree, pulse in low, medium, or high as well. 
One of our go to favorites recently has been something that everyone can make and enjoy at home.  Homemade ice.  All you need is your favorite juice and some ice.  In seconds you get the most deliciously refreshing cold treat that everyone is going to love.  Instead of a glass of lemonade, we blend with ice and enjoy a frozen lemonade ice.  This bundle comes with recipe books filled with delicious healthy creations that'll make you look like a pro even if you're not.
I recommend the Nutri Ninja Blender for a Mother's Day gift idea because this duo gives us busy moms more ease and more room to have fun in the kitchen.  Soups, smoothies, slushies, appetizers and so many possibilities!  Most dads get the tools for their garage on Father's Day, well give moms the right tool for the kitchen this Mother's Day with this affordable and powerful blender.  Us moms like to save money and we love quality, this is both those things! 

Mother's Day Gift Idea - SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Speaker #MothersDay

*I received the item/s for the purpose of this post.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided. 
Some people are preferring big with some devices these days, but when it comes to music sharing and on the go convenience we still want small and powerful.  That's when the SOL REPUBLIC PUNK wireless speaker comes in place.

This is an item any one would love, and any mom would enjoy.  I use music to keep my sanity during the day as a fulltime mom, and this has been incredibly convenient from room to room when I'm at home.  I can toss it in my bag, and have music on the go for my kids wherever we go.  I sync it with my phone or tablet and it's an instant entertainment system on the go for the kids.  I have been using it to have soothing music on by my newborn to drowned out the noise my older kids made during the day.     
Us moms carry enough as it is, and the fact that the PUNK fits right in my hand and in my pocker or the pocket of my bag is fantastic.  What makes this so different from other wireless speakers, besides the colors it's offered in, besides the great price, besides the convenient's the quality sound you hear! 
So if you are looking for something for a special mom this mother's day, hook her up with the PUNK wireless speaker so she can be the cool mom she already is.  Cool tech items aren't just for dads, and aren't just for the kids either - us moms love wireless and compact quality items, the Sol Republic PUNK wireless speaker is perfect. 
Fun specifics about the PUNK wireless speaker:
  • Bluetooth connection.
  • Line in 3.5mm jack included to connect any non Bluetooth enabled audio device.
  • Line out 3.5mm jack to connect PUNK to your home or car stereo and control them wirelessly.
  • 1/4" threaded mount to attack PUNK to 3rd party accessories like your bike.
  • Battery life up to 8 hours (varies by volume level and audio content)
  • Wireless range up to 60 feet.
  • Dimensions 91 x 91 x 39 mm (H x W X D)
  • Weight 183.5 grams
For more information and the latest in SOL REPUBLIC follow them on:


Mother's Day Gift Card Ideas for Kids

I love personalized gifts from my kids, but don't we all as parents?!  I don't get as much as other parents who send their kids off to school but I take advantage of every holiday to do crafts at home with their hand and foot prints.  As much I treasure the notes and art work from my kids, I love when there's a hand or foot print in there too.   
Grab some finger paint and add a great touch to a card for a loved one.  Add "Happy Mother's Day" and gift this to mom, or grandma this mother's day.  It's an instant keepsake and great for almost any holiday.  Above are some fun pieces of work we did recently, and it's something I'll keep forever.  Hope you could gather some ideas and make a simple keepsake for yourself.