Why Are Pregnant Women Always Rubbing Their Bellies?

Now that my baby is due in the next week or so he is constantly kicking, twirling, and moving quite often.  All that movement is what I want him to be doing.  I rub my belly all day and night! So recently I have been asked why I rub my belly so often.   And then as I thought "why?!" judging the person asking me, and then I remembered having a conversation similar where I questioned others before.  So even though it's a silly question for those that know and understand, I'll address that here.

We aren't rubbing for attention.  We aren't rubbing to remind you of the pregnancy.
Instead we are most likely feeling baby move, or simply thinking and connecting with our baby.  It might be hard to imagine until you have been pregnant or known someone close in your life that has been.  The thought that there is a little baby growing inside is just amazing, and then as baby gets older we might also be rubbing out of discomfort because our skin gets stretched out to it's max.

That's it.  We picture how baby will look, imagine the little "seed" growing, and as the baby grows larger we picture what position baby is in..and so on. 

So I won't judge if I'm asked again why I'm rubbing my belly, instead I'll happily explain the amazing blessing it is to have a little one growing inside.