YouTube Kids App Review! #YouTubeKids #d2dKids

We've tested out the YouTube Kids app for about a week now, as well as joining in on the fun this past weekend at the #YouTubeKids app launch party here in New York City.  It's everything we as parents all needed but just didn't know.  The app was created from the ground up with our little ones in mind, and it shows.
Kids these days end up with our phone or tablet one way or another - and if their anything like my kids, will figure out YouTube right away.
But ever have to skip over ads or random strange videos for them? Not to mention having to sit with them making sure everything they've clicked on is safe, and of course there's limiting their screen time too. 

The YouTube Kids app erases worries we as parents might have about letting them explore on YouTube. Here are the basics you will love:
  • Set a timer to set limits on screen time.
  • Sound settings where you can turn off background music and sound effects.
  • Search settings allows you to turn off the 'search' function, and children are only able to access pre-selected videos.
  • And in the case inappropriate videos does pop up, easily notify YouTube right from the app, as well as with any other feedback.
Basics your kids will love:
  • When your little one opens the app - it's fun and inviting, much like opening a game application.
  • Being the tech savvy kids they are- they'll learn to navigate real quick.
  • All their favorite videos are all organized and placed in full color making it easier for curios little minds to explore safely. 
  • Search option for older kids to search within the kid friendly app. and only allowing filtered videos to appear. 

It's simple. It's free. Download it today available in the U.S on Google Play and in the App Store.  It will soon be available on Kurio and nabi kids' tablets.  No reason not to give it a try!  
My 2 year old and 6 year old tested it out as we celebrated at the official launch party of the YouTube Kids app this past weekend - they approve!  I think the app is perfect from preschoolers up to when your child is "too old" for the app.  As I found older kids seem to want to use regular YouTube to explore.  What can I say, kids these days - they want to grow up so fast!   
*Thanks YouTube for letting us be apart of the #YouTubeKids app launch party!
Remember it's still the Internet, the app will not watch your kids for you, however it will help.  I love YouTube for having all the educational resources available for me to use as a parent, and as a homeschooling parent.  I teach, and play with my kids - then there's videos they could watch to further their learning.  Fun songs that teach my toddler, phonics.. to Lego videos that inspire my sons creativity. Makes learning with my kids as fun as the picture above!

If you've let your child watch YouTube videos before, I think this just makes it allot more organized and fun for them with the added controls for parents.