How to Make an Ice Igloo with Sugar Cubes + How to Video #d2dKids #craftingwithkids #allergyfriendly

Making an ice igloo with sugar cubes is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your kids indoors during these cold winter days.  Forget about the gingerbread house that requires allot more time and ingredients - make an ice igloo instead!  If you have food allergies, it isn't always easy to find ways to have fun building, or playing with food but this only requires 3 ingredients.
Watch the quick video above to see how we made our own.  Please 'Like' and subscribe if you like the video.
Mix water and powdered sugar to form "glue."
You will need:
Powdered sugar
Sugar Cubes
Paper Plate - or any other flat surface
Optional - plastic/wooden tool to spread the "glue" over the sugar cubes
Mix the powdered sugar until it gets into a thick glue like texture.
Outline a circle as the base of your igloo on your white paper plate.
Use the glue you have made to hold the sugar cubes together as you build up from the main base.
After your second base, start placing your sugar cubes in smaller circles until you make it to the top.

We've made marshmallow igloos before, but thought using sugar cubes will be just as fun and as you can see it can't get any easier than this!  So stay warm indoors, and have fun making sugar cube ice igloos with your kids today!