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As I walked through the Toy Fair for the first time this year, I was introduced to Eco Eggs.  I initially stopped because I am always looking for a fun alternative to real eggs during Easter time due to our allergy to eggs.  I have bought the common plastic eggs from my local convenient store in the past, but found these to be a great alternative.  These are made 100% with plants, so they are completely compostable.  We can't always be completely environmentally friendly but we could all try, and a something like Eco Eggs makes it easy.  They are made to be re-used, and come in fun colors pink, yellow, green, purple, and blue. 
Most of us buy plastic eggs each year for many different uses like simply putting treats in it for the Easter egg hunt, why not purchase Eco Eggs so we can be better to our earth and environment.  Another added plus is that it is made in USA.   
I'm not waiting for Easter time to have fun with Eco Eggs, I have started the fun by creating my own allergy friendly "egg surprise" for my kids to enjoy to test out the eggs.  I have a 24 pack, and I only used 6 which I can wash and re-use for many other uses.  I don't know about you but anything with a surprise package to open has been the latest craze with my kids lately, and since I can't purchase them "Play-Doh surprise" eggs due to wheat allergies, or those "Kinder" eggs surprise packages due to other food allergies, I decided to create my own for my kids to enjoy.

I placed fun little surprise toys and wrapped the plastic with modeling clay to simply give the kids the same thrill of opening any other surprise egg they have been seeing online.  In the video above, they are opening Disney Palace Pets, and some Crashling figures.  Check out the video above and if you like what you see, please subscribe and like so we know!  
Check out Eco Eggs online to learn more, and while you're there learn what Eco Grass is about as well. More information direct from the site:

"Made in the USA from Plants | 100% Renewable Content
Plant vs Petroleum-Based | Non-Toxic Durable Plastic
Less Energy Use and Emission Waste in Production
Meant to be Stored and Reused for Many Easters
Store in a Cool Dry Place | Safe for Kids
Cost-Competitive with China-Produced Easter Eggs
Two Egg Sizes Shown Below | Tight-Snapping Closure"