Big Hero 6 -Baymax Themed Brunch #BigHero6 #FunLunchforKids #d2dKids

Not sure if you've heard but all the excitement for Big Hero 6 has returned again!  They won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars and is now available on Blu-Ray.  This movie has been one of our very favorites this year.  My son - for the first time, counted down the days to see it in theatres when it came out and still a fan of the motion picture.  So in celebration of the excitement, I made our brunch Big Hero 6 themed by having Baymax himself sitting in the bowl.
Rice and seaweed is all you need for your main centerpiece, Baymax. 
At this point you can add anything you want into the bowl and make the meal complete.  Great way to have rice on the side of any dish and make it extra fun for the kids.
We had some veggies and some bacon to complete our meal.  Make a meal look fun like this, and your kids will eat it all up!