What is Nesting? #pregnancy #pregnant #3rdtrimester

This isn't my first pregnancy so I'm very familiar with the natural instincts of nesting that kick in around the third trimester.  Every time I was so sure I won't start freaking out a bit to get things ready for baby, but every time I did - and I am now. 

My "symptoms" of nesting so far in my pregnancy has been wanting to clean everyday.  Not just the usual cleaning that I do, but dig through every drawer, and will even start re-arranging furniture.  I have been nonstop for the last week, and can't stop thinking about what else I can do next.  I think of it as a bird looking for the best nest for baby, much like in one of our bedtime reads from Dr.Seuss "The Best Nest."   
Every one is different in the way they nest.  If you are near the end of your pregnancy and suddenly wake up with the sudden urge to clean and re-organize..you are most likely nesting.  It's the urge you get to get ready for baby's arrival.  It's said that it is similar to the urge every one gets during "spring cleaning" time, you've been cooped up all winter long and get the urge to brighten things up and renew.

If you are nesting, just remember to be safe.  I've gotten the urge to move furniture around, which I have done - but I make sure to not lift.  I have even went around painting in the past while hubby was at work, and if you are like me - make sure to wear a mask.  Use your common sense don't overdo anything, get ready for baby and enjoy every moment.  If it's your first pregnancy, think of it as your first motherly instincts kicking it..enjoy! :)