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My daughter is now 2 years old and ready to potty train.  I think the hardest part is being consistent as parents when it comes to potty training our little ones.  My daughter has shown that she is ready for a while now, but honestly with our schedules I have failed on being consistent with her.  Giving it another try this week, and really sticking to a schedule.  I don't remember everything I did with my son years back, but I remember it being so easy but after having multiple children I have learned, just like every pregnancy is different, every child is different.

No matter what kind of parent you are, it will be different every time - if you have more than one child.  Don't be hard on yourself of your child when potty training.  It will take time, and persistence.  Speak to your child and keep offering their potty seat often during the day.  On top of persistence, my next tip of all would be to not start too early in your attempts.  If you see your child knows when she/he is going in her diaper, that is one sign.  If you see your child hiding when they go, they are most likely ready.  If they are verbal and telling you when they go or after they go, they are most likely ready.  I find that if you start too early it can be both discouraging for you and your child.   

If you are home with your child and able to stay on top of it - a child can be fully potty trained in as little time as 2 weeks.  I have read reward systems work for some kids, but with my son I didn't have any.  I don't have a reward system going on with my daughter either, just simple praise and letting her know she is a big girl when she does a good job.  Naturally the excitement shows when she does succeed! :)

As far as potty training diapers go, I don't have experience with them.  As I mentioned, my son was very easy to potty train.  I remember one day, just telling him he is a big boy, letting him know there is no diaper so he has to go potty in his big boy seat and it worked.  I also *think* real big kid underwear motivates them, as well as wets them if they go, so they are more aware of what the whole purpose of going in the potty is all about.

So if you are potty training, keep at it, and good luck.  Remember every child is different, feel free to stop, and try again another time.  Oh..and be ready to clean up after accidents because they will happen. ;)