Gift the Perfect Case with SPECK Protective Cases this Holiday Season

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I don't always have the latest devices as it is hard to keep up these days, but for the ones I do have I like to have the best protection for them - which is why I'm glad I go to try Speck cases.  I personally tried the Venture Folio, Shift Folio, and my absolute favorite the Show Folio for my iPad mini.  I have tried and gone through other cases before, not satisfied and feeling hopeless when it comes to a proper case for my iPad mini until I tried the Speck cases.
Speck is the leading designer of award winning, protective cases and covers for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  If you check out SpeckProducts online you will find just how much they offer, and I am pretty sure you will find the perfect case for you or someone on your holiday gift list this year. 
Quick information on the three cases:
ShowFolio is the first in-car case from Speck made for on-the-road entertainment.  I've gotten the opportunity to try this out on the go with my children in the backseat, it hooks right onto the headrest of the front seat, and hooks right off for on the go.  It is fully functional slim and protective of the iPad mini.  By far my favorite case for the iPad mini. 
VentureFolio is a carefully styled case for the frequent traveler. It’s a fully functioning folio case that features magnetic storage pockets perfectly sized for credit cards, cash, and travel documents.  I like this case for when I'm on my own and not with the kids, so I can fully utilize the added convenient storage pockets. 
ShiftFolio is a slim, classically styled folio case that delivers the dual-layer protection that only comes with a Speck case. A magnetic cover secures the case shut and automatically triggers the sleep/wake function on your iPad (which all these cases do btw.) Multiple viewing and typing positions make it comfortable to use your iPad while leaning back and relaxing or upright and working.
"ShowFolio and ShiftFolio are each $59.95 for the complete system including the Shift Frame and Shift Cover. VentureFolio is $69.95 for the frame and storage pocket cover. Separately, the Shift Covers for each can be purchased for $44.95. The Shift Frame is also available individually for $29.95 - but needs to be combined with any Shift Cover for proper functionality."
Get to know more about SPECK at or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  They have so much more to offer, all quality cases they stand behind with a 1 year warranty, and 30 day unconditional guarantee.  You will be sure to find a case for you, and the perfect case for that special someone in your life this holiday season.  This technology driven world we live in, we all care about the devices we use, and nothing beats finding the perfect case - be the one to gift an item that will be valued  by the recipient on your holiday list for a long time.