Kidz Vuz Back to School Bash #BBNYC #KidzVuzBTS

All photos used in this post are thanks to Josh Strauss Studios.
The Kidz Vuz event was the last event of the two day Blogger Bash conference.  They really made so much happen in two days, it is amazing!  The Kidz Vuz event was a huge space full of fun.  Excited kids running around with their parents by their side, and amazing sponsors.  Sponsors were Microsoft, Land's End, Speck, Unikey, WWE, Hasbro, School Specialty, Lifelock, Netgear, Disney Films, Make My Cake, Sweet Loren's, Becky's Bites and more!  My son and I joined in all that we can that wasn't a risk to us in terms of food allergies.  We made our way around fast, but made sure to get the most of all that we could.
Lands End Back to School Apparel
Right away we met Natalya and Darren from WWE, my son was super shy and they were so nice as they took a picture and gave him an autograph.  Land's End had all their good looking, great quality back to school items that I had to check out, it was one of our personal favorites!  Speck which I was introduced to had amazing cases for your iPhone and iPad at their stations, which you can look for a review here real soon.  School Specialty had an awesome, popular corner for the kids getting a turn in the ticket catcher booth.  Kid playing video games, many of our family favorites, Guardians of the Galaxy photo opportunity, and so much more. 
I was a bit overwhelmed, and dealing with food allergies so didn't think I was as all over as I should have been.  But all in all an amazing time with amazing sponsors.  Unfortunately as I stated and even posted about, food allergies kept us from enjoying everything to the fullest but super fun.  Can't wait for future connections with the brands, and Kidz Vuz.  My son can't wait to put his first official video up.  Thanks for such a fun event, we're hoping to join in again in the future!