The Big Toy Book Baby Palooza Event at Blogger Bash NYC #BTBbaby #BBNYC

I'm clearly not that cool, but I'm also honest and that makes me pretty cool in most peoples eyes..right?  What am I talking about?  I'm talking about Anne Geddes, I did not know who she was before the Baby Palooza event during the Blogger Bash conference.  I have seen her work before, and love it, but did not know who she was.  But none of these facts held me back from being an instant fan of hers as she walked in gracefully.  She was clearly very talented, humble, and so classy.  Having her walking in with her family, and seeing her family sit behind her during the interview was beautiful in ways words can't describe.  The proud look on both her husband and daughters face, just made you smile on as she spoke so elegantly about her success and unique work.  I don't have a long list of people I look up to, but I admire people who have managed to stay humble and true through their success, she is one of them now.  Simple, talented, unique, and confident are just some of the words I could describe her from the short time she talked during the event.     

Although she was the main guest during Baby Palooza, there many other wonderful representatives with great products at the event as well.  Here are just a few of my favorites that I had the opportunity to take a close look at, and can see my self using.  
The JOOVY Caboose Vary Light.  It is everything I wanted when my daughter was born, and if I choose to have another addition to our family, I will be looking for this stroller or the latest version from them when the time comes.  There are many strollers out on the market that are designed for 2 kids, but this stroller takes the space of one stroller but fits both children comfortably.  It is customizable in many ways, I just fell in love with the amazing features!  They did a great job, I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the search of a new stroller.  It was a popular item to check out, well every item was hot, so I unfortunately did not get great shots of all the products.
A collapsible baby to toddler bathtub.  Need I say more?  As parents, we always could use more space, specially living in a NYC apartment, and this is a product that is catering to our needs.  The last bathtub I had for my kids were so big, and took up so much space.  This little bathtub is actually pretty small in comparison even without collapsing flat.
The Boon Inc. bath toys.  Ever look inside those squeaky bath toys that squirt water out?  I did a very long time ago, and realized it never dries out inside, and eventually grows mold inside.  That was the last time I purchased any bath toys with holes in it.  These are the perfect bath toys, colorful and anti mold!

There were sweets from Sprinkles cupcakes, No Chips Tips Jamberry nails, Britax with their amazing strollers, JJCole, and not to mention Baby Safety Alert, TOMY, Delta Children, and Intimacy which helps you find your right size for bra, lingeree, swim and more.  Lots of fun and amazing products packed into an amazing intimate space.  I hope to connect with these brands in the future to offer all of you more details on their latest products.  But all in was an great event!