Real Food Allergy Stories #d2dFoodAllergies

Food allergies.  What do we really know about it?  Not necessarily from a medical standpoint, but a real day to day life point of view.  What is it really like to live with food allergies? 

Us food allergy parents are just like you, we want our kids to be happy and healthy.  We want the best for our children, just like you want for your child.  Unfortunately we have to deal with a huge challenge while trying to do this already hard "job" that is called parenting.  What food allergies are to me is something straight out of a horror movie, quite literally food, innocent food can kill.  Many of the challenges we face are ones we have to learn to live with, and mainly focused around keeping our kids safe while trying to give them a "normal" childhood.

If you are dealing with food allergies, one of the most important parts of living successfully with it is with the support of family and friends.  Food allergies takes lots of learning, understanding, patience, and adapting.  I learn something new everyday, so I understand when my family and friends don't get it, but that's a part of my inspiration to start "day to day with Food Allergies" where I will be sharing Real Food Allergy Stories.

So in an effort to do something about this very difficult, often isolating life we live as people with food allergies I will be sharing real food allergy stories here, sometimes they will be long and sometimes short.  These posts will be made possible by the support of other food allergy families.  I will not edit original posts made by real people other than for privacy reasons.  I want everyone to see what we go through, what fears we have, what gets us excited, what scares we go through and more.  If we don't share these stories with the support of each other, how will others know how it is to live with food allergies.  Letting everyone see a page of our lives is important so we can hope for a safer, and overall better future for people with food allergies.  

Even if you are here for the first time, I invite you to come by more and read these real stories.  If you don't have food allergies, it might not mean anything to you now  but with food allergies on the rise your child might have a friend with food allergies in school this coming season or a you make a new friend that deals with it, whatever the case - the food allergy community will appreciate your time and care.  I also think food allergy parents ourselves can learn from each other through these real stories. 

Everyone please share these posts with your friends and family, even if it doesn't directly concern you, I hope these series of posts helps someone, and help us all for a better future.  Subscribe and check back often for these posts, also follow along with the hashtag #d2dFoodAllergies or #RealFAstories.