Real Food Allergy Stories #1- Small Victories #d2dFoodAllergies #RealFAstories

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I kick off #d2dFoodAllergies (#RealFAstories) with a post from a mom who is feeling genuinely happy about something so many probably don't even think about as a victory. 

July 13, 2014 10PM
My daughter had her swim team banquet tonight and even though I had to take her dinner and her safe cupcake it made me so happy that she was able to have fun and participate safely on a team. I don't even think she was phased about bringing her own food. Hoping we can all enjoy the small victories we win as allergy moms and dads!

I don't know what her daughter is allergic to however I know that feeling of winning when your child with food allergies is able to have a good day, a normal day.  It takes lots of planning, baking and cooking ahead of time just to make sure our children are safe from allergic reactions and also because we don't want them to be harmed socially we will try our best to include them in everything they'd be if they didn't have food allergies.  I'm excited for her and her daughter! 

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