Laughter, Toys, Fun and DANGER?! #foodallergies #d2dFoodAllergies

I always want to refrain from making everything in my life about food allergies, but then I realize that I don't really have a choice.  Recently I went to a blogger conference, where I took a much needed break from my usual responsibilities and enjoyed myself.  I met blogger in person, I met many wonderful people representing many of our favorite brands.  There was food, and drinks everywhere during the 2 day conference filled with many amazing events.  Throughout my time there, I couldn't help but think about my kids, and think how would they be able to attend an event similar to this as adults and be safe.  I tried not to let it get to me, but it was on my mind the whole time.  The last day of the conference, there was an event that I was able to bring my son with me.  We were so excited about it, it was all he talked about for days.  He counted the days, and brought it up daily.  Finally, it was the day of the event where he could join me for some fun.  I knew it was announced that there wont be food served, but I also knew there would be snacks around for sure.  I just didn't really know what I was getting into, until I was standing there holding both his hands close and tight surrounded by..what in translation is poison...

The event was great, lots of things to do, and overall amazing.  Just not if you have food allergies.  I grew up without even knowing what food allergies were, so now I can't help but wonder what peoples opinions are...  Does a child with severe multiple food allergies just not go to events or parties?  What can be changed so everyone can be safe and have a great time?  Are people willing to make slight, small changes? Wash hands?  Eat, whatever foods at somewhat designated areas?  I mean is that just a dream or something possible without making a fuss about it.  Will awareness of food allergies, make that possible?  Or is everyone pretty much going to look my way and not want to deal with me/us?  Is there some people reading this thinking I need to just stay home if everywhere else is unsafe?  After all it is a disability.  A blind disability that gets overlooked.  We are talking about a child in this case, but people with food allergies being left out because they have a medical condition.  Unable to join in because of airborne and contact allergies to foods.  This isn't about not being able to eat what others are eating, but not being able to take part in non food related fun because of food allergies.

It was a party with lots of fun happenings in every corner.  There were snack tables set up, we stayed far away from that.  But there were many people walking around snacking, enjoying themselves like they should be, and but then touching everything, which made the toys and other areas to be enjoyed unsafe for us.  Even an area with playdoh fun was unsafe for us because of wheat.  I quickly changed from worry free standing alone to holding on tight to my child barely moving, making sure he doesn't touch anything, making sure nothing touches him, and rushing to wash his hands when he did have the chance to.  I am now an experienced food allergy mom (that's always learning), so I know how to not let any of my worries get to him.  I wasn't stressing him out or harming the fun he could enjoy, just in case anyone reading is concerned.  I didn't let my son know my worries, I simply kept him away from where I saw was unsafe.  I knew..he was obviously left out from how much fun other kids were having, but he wasn't bothered and didn't feel like he was left out at all.

But again, my question and frustration with food allergies never ends.  What are our "rights?"  Not by law, but by common courtesy.  Most people are all about giving, helping the disabled, or sick child, how about when it comes to food allergies?  I don't expect there to be no food at events, especially when food companies are sponsoring an event or have paid for their spot but what..what can be done to keep children like mine safe and be a part of the fun at events like this one.  And even an interesting question for me is, how about as adults?  I have no answers, and I don't even have requests regarding this matter - I'm mostly sad.  Not at people, but at food allergies.  It is more and more common to meet someone with food allergies these days, so I think many of us need to learn more and respect it as the medical disability that it is. 

If anyone is wondering, if I get the opportunity to go to an event like this again with my children, I still will.  We can't let food allergies keep us from enjoying the fun parts of life, and we have to learn stay safe somehow, even if it means being left out.  I much rather be there for my children while they see how unsafe the world is for them, then them figure it out when they start to venture out on their own as young adults.  I'm sharing this post only because I welcome you and everyone into a moment in my life with food allergies, and because with awareness I hope for it to be safer for everyone with food allergies one day.  Everyday is difficult, events are even more so with food allergies.  Food, food can kill with food allergies. 

Thank you for reading, please comment below as I am interested in everyone's opinions.