Cherrybrook Kitchen Sugar Cookie Mix #Review #GlutenFree #FoodAllergy

These would have to be my favorite allergy friendly cookie yet!  All I had to do was add in melted shortening, vanilla extract (which I didn't have and put orange oil extract), mix, and bake.  Cannot get any simpler than that when you are cooking without all the top allergens. 
It is crunchy and a bit chewy but not at all in a bad way.  I've made cookies from scratch, and due to my lack of following measurements precisely every time it comes out different and therefore harming the result every time!  When it comes to allergy friendly baking, it is like a science project with all the mixing and measuring but not with the Cherrybrook Kitchen Sugar Cookie Mix.

Why I love it:
It's simple ingredients.
It's simple instructions.
It is allergy friendly and doesn't call for eggs in the instructions. (Way too often it does, defeating the purpose of "egg free")
It tastes really good.
The ingredients are as follows:
White rice flour, evaporated cane juice, potato starch, tapioca flour, non-alluminated baking powder, xantham gum, sea salt.
Unfortunately my son had a reaction to something in them or the Earth Balance dairy free margarine we used.  Not sure which ingredient he reacted to, but I don't think it was a cross contamination since Cherrybrook Kitchen seems to be so good with labeling and awareness.  We will be looking into it further on our end. 
If your allergies aren't as many or as severe as ours, see if you can have these and give them a try.  If you have friends and family with allergies, these are a great alternative for parties or school that's safe for many.