Allergic Reaction After Feeding Dolphins

This is a picture from our vacation a few years back when I was pregnant with my baby girl, she is now 19 months old.  It represents a beautiful family vacation we had, but also reminds us of how we are never safe with food allergies.  That's my sons little hand on the right, feeding the dolphin at Sea World, moments after this picture was taken, he broke out in hives.  We had to wash him up and give him Benadryl.  Luckily nothing was ingested so he got passed the reaction from touching the fish, we assume it was the fish he pinched to feed the dolphins.  I think he was 3 years old, and he still remembers feeding the dolphins, and getting an allergic reaction.  Everyday we learn something new, and this was one of those moments.  We knew how serious his allergies were, and were cautious of him touching the fish, but we didn't think he would break out from hives from touching it with the tip of his fingers.  I don't know what kind of fish that was, and we really don't know if he reacted to the fish or everything surrounding us there but it's just to show us - an allergic reaction can happen anytime, anywhere.  We made sure he didn't dip his hands into any other water to feed, pet any swimming creature at Sea World to prevent further incidents during our visit.      
Since I did mention going to Sea World, I will note that they were very helpful and friendly when we needed a place to heat up my sons food.  We bring our food everywhere we go, so unfortunately I won't be able to tell you if they are accommodating with preparing food for order if you have a simpler restricted diet than us.
If you have food allergies that are life threatening, always be cautious.  If you know someone with a serious allergy, please be kind and understanding.  It's a hard disability to live with, but also very easy to accommodate if you just give a little extra care.