Obsessed with Family Vacations!

The beautiful view from our room at the Westin La Cantera Resort 

If you've talked to me at all recently you already know all I can think about is getting away with my family.  My two little kids are starting to really play around and bond with each other since my youngest is getting older, and everything as a family is just getting more exciting.  It was about years ago when we took our first family vacation when it was just us three, and ever since then we have been hooked to everything that defines getting away with your family.  We enjoy the learning experience it provides us all, the obvious memories created, the downtime away from it all, and the complete adventure of it all.  Over the past few years we have made it a point to go on a handful of trips whenever we can, and now it's been about a year since our last getaway - I feel the travel bug ~ bugging, and I'm afraid the only cure is to get away! 

When I was young my family and I didn't take many family vacations.  I remember road trips to see family and friends, and how much I loved stopping at "service area" stops along the road where my dad would treat us to junk food and ice cream.  I always had to place a quarter or two into the games that pulled out a toy (if you were lucky) and the rubber ball machines.  Another memory I recall was visiting Atlantic City as a family, I loved the hotel rooms and buffet food as a kid.  Funny looking  and back!  I never knew the potential of a real family getaway until I grew up and had one of my own with my family.  But you know what they say "what you don't know can't hurt you" or is it "you don't miss something you don't know"?  You get the point, it was one of the best times of my childhood and it was the family time that made it what it was. 

I like to think I don't have an addictive personality, but I am addicted to getaways with my family.  We most recently did a camping trip where we spent 3 nights out in beautiful Virginia after a 7 hour road trip - not at all luxurious but all fun.  If you think you're not into traveling (I have met people who say that) or have yet to treat yourselves to a getaway - don't wait, book now.  It doesn't have to an expensive trip..at all.  All that matters is that you have your family, and you go visit somewhere you haven't been.  It isn't always easy, I know, but try to make it happen - you will not regret it.  I hope you get away somewhere and enjoy an incredible time, I personally am trying to cure the travel bug that's been bugging me too.  In the meantime I've been doing weekly trips to various semi-local state parks with my family, which is a super affordable and possible way to create memories as well.