Just Another Day for Us #foodallergies

This weekend we went downtown to take a boat ride on the Fireboat John J Harvey.  It was a beautiful day, and we were able to enjoy a part of it out on the water viewing Manhattan from a different angle.  I planned our meals the night before, woke up early to make breakfast and lunch for everyone.  When you have severe multiple food allergies you have to bring all your food from home.  The only food we've eaten out as a family has been chicken from Whole Foods Market that offers organic and has the ingredients listed, which incredibly is only salt and pepper.  It is a life savior when we are out and in the need of something quick to eat.  We had breakfast at home, and took the rest to go in a cooler.  Keeping safe is easy and extremely difficult at the same time.  It seems simple enough when you say; bring your own food and don't eat anything that you didn't cook.  But like I said, as with everything to do with food allergies, it is also not that simple.

After the very fun boat ride we took, we decided to let the kids play at the playground by the pier.  We spent about 2 hours there, I enjoyed people watching (even spotted some stars), and had a blast seeing the joy in the kids faces.  At one point my son was deciding if he wanted to play in the sand box or the water area.  It was like a mini water park where kids come with their swim suits and play.  We didn't plan for water play so he just had a normal shirt and shorts.  Considering our allergies, sand play was out of the question, so we agreed on water play.  Took his shoes and shirt off, and went off to play.  He was cautious about getting wet at first, and then let loose having a blast in the sun.  After he was done splashing around, we patted him dry and he was pretty dry in no time.  But right away we noticed he had hives all over his chest, then slowly started appearing around his neck.  I panicked, but knowing he didn't not consume anything I held off on the Epi-pen.  Gave him a dose of Benadryl, and wiped him down some more.  Luckily, it started to clear up right away.  He reflects from how we act, so we are always sure to be calm and relaxed when anything happens, so he was fine. 

But unfortunately soon after we left the playground, the side effects of the Benadryl started to set in, he got really tired.  And not sure if related or not but he started getting cramps on his legs - it was not a good time walking for my little guy.  He fell asleep right away in the car, and was drowsy all night after.  It's just another day for us, worrying about every meal and snack no matter where we go.  And it's just another day for us, worrying about every single food (allergen) that we may come in contact with.  We don't only worry about him missing a step and falling or simply catching a cold like other parents might but we worry about the fear of something somewhere or really anywhere causing him to get an allergic reaction.  Imagine every crumble of something on the street, playground, table, chair, bench, doctors office..virtually everywhere is most likely harmful to us.  It isn't just one food, it's sever multiple food allergies.  However, we don't let it stop us from living our lives but in the end it is just another day for us.  We choose to live it and enjoy it.