Yoga for Beginners..with My Husband

In the drawing above, you can see my husband and I doing yoga on our flower patterned rug, while both kids are hanging out around us.  My sweet boy drew this up and wrote "Family Yoga" on top. <3 em="">
Whether you know me online or off, you know that I am always trying out new workouts and videos at home.  I do what I can, since I'm a full time mom that seriously never gets a break from the kids.  My most recent "workout" sessions are mostly about stretching, doing yoga for beginners.  I'm only a week in, doing it while my husband is at work with the kids rolling and hopping all around me.  Can't say I got the relaxing part of yoga down yet, but I am stretching!  I recently asked, and then begged my husband to join me for one short session.  More on that further down the page.

I used to be, used to be very flexible.  Like abnormally flexible, but after my first pregnancy six years ago, I'm like a stick that wont bend.  I hurt my back doing cardio/high intensity workouts a while back so I took a long break from at home workouts, until I decided to give yoga a try.  

So far, I love how light my body feels after all the stretching.  I did feel sore the first few days, and continue to as I progress from beginner level to higher.  I highly recommend it to every stay at home parent.  Our body needs all that twisting and stretching that we just don't get from our daily routines.  On an average I'd say we bend to pick up toys, food, children off the floor, stand up on our feet all day in the kitchen, and maybe walk or a drive outside.  It can be exhausting, and hard on our bodies.  Yoga seems to let our muscles stretch in ways it wouldn't regularly, and heal the aches and pains as well.

As you can see I'm quite fond of it so far, so I thought I had to get my husband to give it a try.  He would never even speak of giving it a try, and before I tried it, I wouldn't even think of asking him to do it with me.  But then I tried it, and knowing that after a long work day he comes in with his back, and body aching - I had to convince him to give it a try.  

I asked him if he'd do something for me, with me, and that it would only the most..20 minutes.  With raised brow I had him curious.  I informed him.."not that."  Once that confusion was out of the picture, I let him know I wanted to do stretches with him.  We laughed.  Then after some more begging and convincing.  He agreed.

It was all laughter for the first 5 minutes.  We also had both kids jumping, and rolling around us.  My daughter wanted to nurse, my son wanted to jump on top of us.  It was a mess.  Then they backed off and wandered off to the corner of the room to play.  

At one point the instructor in the video said something along the lines of "your organs will thank you, they are waking up."  We were both completely twisted up trying not to laugh, when my very uncomfortable husband turning even more flush in the face said "my organs are saying code red, code red, they are freaking out wondering what's going on" as he fell to the floor out of the twist.  I followed him out of my twist because it was hard not to laugh.  

It was a great 20 minutes of our day.  A healthy 20 minutes.  We laughed, we bonded, and we got up off the floor with our bodies feeling lighter, until the kids jumped on top of us.

Have you done yoga before?  What do you to work out?  I'd love to know.