Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Delicious Wrap

Did you have leftovers this Thanksgiving? We didn't have much but one thing we always end up having for sure is some rice, salad leftovers, and turkey. It doesn't have to be much, but I've got a way to make something that not only tastes good but to make sure you don't waste any food.  Completely top 8 allergen and gluten free "cheesy bread," topped with rice and light vegetables.
For the filling you will use whatever delicious leftovers you have.
I had white rice, capers, olives, bacon bits, raw carrot I shredded, and of course turkey I cut up/shredded.

For the delicious allergy friendly bread. I took some dairy free Daiya mozzarella cheese and let it melt and crisp up in the pan.  Enough to cover the whole pan surface.
Scoop out a half a cup of all purpose flour. (I used a tablespoon of Bobs Red Mill gluten & wheat free All Purpose Flour AND the rest gluten free King Arthur's All Purpose Flour)
Mix well.
Pour half a cup of milk and stir well. ( I used dairy free hemp milk)

Make sure to have pan nice and hot so dough gets crispy. Pour slowly all over melted and crispy "cheese." Let it cook and crisp, and flip.  Secret ingredient if you have any *bacon fat* I had from cooking some dishes with bacon. Take tiny bits and let melt along the sides, it adds a bit of flavor and makes the dough crispier.

Remove the bread, and toss in your leftovers and stir fry for about a minute to heat up. And enjoy.

Sometimes it's about having the right tools and products that help you be a better cook in the kitchen, and this year I was so thankful to have had some great products from Good Cook.  This recipe is #87 in the line up of 101 Thanksgiving Leftover recipes on the Good Cook site.