TRACKS AIR Wireless Headphones by SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola #MustHave #Review #Giveaway

Nothing I've tried compares to the TRACKS AIR wireless headphones by SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola.  You don't have to be tech savvy to figure it, it is one gift good for everyone in your family.  Everything you could ask for in headphones, I have nothing negative to say.  I have tried many different headphones, and while I love many of the ones I already have - this one has become our whole family's favorite.

Super-power wireless.  The headphones come with wires, if for whatever reason you want to use wires, but you can have incredible sound without the wires for up to 150 feet whether at home or on the go.  A2 Sound Engine allows music to come equal to better quality than wired, I have to say the quality is crisp clear sound for entertainment and to chat.  It isn't just a wireless headphone, it has capabilities that the wired headphone doesn't have.  You can connect multiple devices; watch a movie on your tablet and answer a call coming from your phone with a touch of a button using the crystal-clear noise reduction dual microphones.  The EasyPair Bluetooth and NFC compatibility allows for easy connection to your devices.  Connecting takes seconds!  What blew me away after using it every night for a week was it's battery life.  One thing I can't stand with new gadgets these days is battery life, and the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air wireless headphones is USB rechargeable and delivers up to 15 hours of playtime on a full charge.  It is also customizable as you can swap in different colors of PowerTrack headbands and change your style (available in 2014), it is the only interchangeable wireless headphones.  My son has done his educational games in the car, I have watched movies in the night in the bed without dealing with wires, and my husband has praised the sound quality when using it - it is loved by everyone in our family.

It is the perfect gift for anyone in your family this holiday season.  You can pick one up for $200, and that includes one year warranty.  Which in comparison to everything else tech out there, including headphones, I think these are well worth every penny - and I usually don't like to spend too much on gadgets.  I'm so excited to offer you a chance to enter to win one below! 
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