Make a Rocket Out of a Plastic Juice Bottle #KidsCrafts

It was a cold day out and my son was hanging out with me in the kitchen when he decided he really wanted to make something with the orange juice bottle that was empty.  He started to scribble on it, and suggest how he wanted to make a rocket.
One thing lead to another, and here we had a rocket.  We simply wrapped the bottle with aluminum foil, he cut out circles for windows out of blue Duct tape, cut out wings out of cardboard also found in the recycle bin.  Taped on bendy straws for the "blasting off" effect he was looking for.  He later wanted extra length so he added a plastic cup and covered the area with foil once again.
Super easy, and lots of fun.
You will need:
Juice bottle (shaped like above)
Paper/Marker/Blue tape - for windows

It's pretty simple, let your imagination fly.  :)