Super Easy Pumpkin Shaved Ice Treat

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I have never made anything with pumpkin before, and would almost say never tasted anything either..except I have had pumpkin pie.  So I'll go back to I've never made anything with it before, we actually carved our first pumpkin this year.  So I challenged myself to make something with pumpkin since I recently got a really awesome pumpkin scoop from Good Cook.  It comes with a little knife inside, and scoops so well.
It's the only tool you'll need when working with a pumpkin.
I'm so glad I have this scoop not only is it good for pumpkins, it is great for melons and other squash like fruits and veggies.  Also I'll be better equipped for next years Halloween pumpkin carving with the Good Cook pumpkin scoop, which is also available at Walmart as well as at the

I took 1/4 cup of dairy free coconut cream, 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar and blended it until light and fluffy.
I mixed in some (about 1 cup) of canned pumpkin I bought (since I couldn't find a fresh enough pumpkin to use fresh) slowly, until well blended.
Pour in a bit of orange juice, or mango juice if you want, it also goes very well.  Add any sweet fruit juice you may like to add sweetness.  Honey is another delicious option.  Mix well.
*I tried Apple Cider and it was very good.

Took them and froze in plastic bowls.  

Once frozen, take them out and I used my ice shaver to make delicious shaved ice.  If you don't have one of these, you can freeze thin layers at a time, adding thin layers at a time, then brake it up with a fork and serve.  

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