Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwiched Between a Shortbread Cookie and Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate!

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I loved the Sweet Creations by Good Cook tools, and wanted to use them to make something different from what they are originally intended.  I love to bake but since I am unable to use so many "main" ingredients I was used to baking with because of food allergies..I did my best without wheat, rye, eggs, dairy, nuts..etc. etc.!  The beauty of baking with food allergies is that the reward in eating safe foods, and the achievement in creating something great tasting. 
These quality cupcake papers made a great purpose for serving the little cookie-chocolate sandwiches I made.  Since I was baking allergy friendly, I used baking mixes for them.  I used Bob's Red Mill gluten free Shortbread Cookie Mix to make a thin cookie in the whoopie pie pan, and used Enjoy Life Foods Rice Milk Crunch chocolate bar which I melted and let set inside the whoopie pie pan as well.
Bob's Red Mill gluten/wheat free shortbread cookie mix
I mixed it as directed (w egg & dairy substitute) but pressed it against the whoopie pie pan to make a thin "bowl" shape.  Used a fork to make a slight pattern.  
Poured in a tablespoon of hemp milk and microwave melted the Enjoy Life Foods dairy free Rice Milk Crunch chocolate bars.
Poured them into the whoopie pie pan, and placed in fridge for about 15 minutes until solid.
Although I didn't create this recipe from scratch like I usually do, I hope that it still inspires you to think outside the box, and show you that is possible to have good tasting creations..even with many dietary restrictions. to use baking tools for different purposes, so fun to see how well it works out.
Thin shortbread cookie crisps, use it to scoop up a favorite dip or have as is.