Our Thank You Tree! #KidsCrafts

My sons favorite part of our days is when we do arts and crafts.  So for the month of November we have been doing everything we can think of that is all fall and Thanksgiving related.
This month has been particularly fun because of how many different way we are able to use our hands as a part of a craft project.  This is one of our favorites this month; our "Thank You" tree.  I saw a similar idea online and had to give it a try. The idea is everyday you add a "thank you leaf" to your tree. We cut out the kids hands after tracing it in fall colors. I have my son write what he is grateful for that every day of the month; he practices his writing letters, words and numbers. I also have him write the day of the month.
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To make your own "thank you" tree:
You'll need:
A large paper bag
Colored construction paper
Paint & Paint brush
Tape or Stapler
Children will practice artistic skills, creativity, writing, spelling, numbers, and more.
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Draw a tree shape onto a large paper bag once open, and have your child cut the shape out
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Have your child pick fall leaf colors and paint them on
#d2dmomty #daytodaymoments
Paint the tree trunk brown (optional)
#d2dmomty #daytodaymoments
Trace and cut out kids hands
We used a paper bag, cut it open, painted on a tree with all the fall colors. Then everyday we add a hand leaf to he tree, we will continue to do so for the rest of the month. We actually picked up some leaves from the park today, so we might add it on just for fun.

What are you doing with your kids this month?