Fishy Has Gone to Fish Heaven

Our fish, Fishy died yesterday, I found my son making her bowl and a "framed" Fishy with his modeling clay.  He was 4 months shy of making 2 years with us.  We originally bought a different fish that unfortunately didn't make it passed a week with us.  He just wouldn't eat his food, we tried all of them.  I told my husband to get a new one from the pet store without telling my son, my husband went and bought a red one.  As you can see if you clicked on the link, the first fish was a boy and had blue, green, many hues of color. 
My son knew it was another one, obviously.  We told him his daddy replaced the fish.  Just felt too cruel to tell him that the fish died at that time, he was just so excited about the fish at that time.  Today much older, he was happy talking about when we first got him.  And actual memories with the fish, he used to follow our finger around the bowl.  For an easy to take care of, and cheap in price fish, he was full of character.  I actually miss walking into the kitchen and seeing him swim up to get fed.  We spoke about how he lived a happy life, my son remembered how Fishy "jumped" out of it's bowl to eat a fruit fly once. 
I was so sad to see him not doing so well in the end.  I've learned they could live up to 5 years in average, and also learned that they are already around a year or more old when we first get them from the pet store - so hoping he lived his full life.
My son wants another one, can't blame him, it's the most city friendly pet we can manage right now.  I don't think I could cope with losing a dog or bigger pet in general, losing a fish..a fish makes me sad!  
Do you own fish?  Have you?