So Much to Love at the #HotToys13 Event!

 I received items at the event, however all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided,.
Can you believe we are talking holiday toys already?  It seems like time goes by faster once you're all grown up, good thing no matter our age, we can all still play with toys though.  At the #HotToys13 event that's exactly what I got to do.  I'm excited to share some great items from the event with you all.  I felt like there was something for every age group, and loved them all.
Although I'm not too good at remembering the specific names of toys, I love love toys!  I still get the same excitement as I did with them as a kid, and now even more as a mom which is why I'm so grateful to have attended the amazing event here in New York City at the beautiful Hearst Tower that had spectacular views.  Here's some photos and information about just some of what was featured, I couldn't pick a favorite as all were so unique and fun.
Check out the "Speed Stacks girl" effortlessly show us how it's done.  My son had been playing with plastic cups stacking them up for fun, and then I learned there's actual cups for it..and it's actually a sport!  Check them out here.
Leap Frog LeapPad Ultra makes learning to read fun for your child.  As a new homeschooling mom to a Kindergartner that's both learning to read and write, I think this is something that motivates children.  The LeapReader takes it to another level, now not only helping your child learn to read but learn to write as well.  These days when presented with something new, most kids want to know if it makes noise and asks "what does it do?" well with the Leap Frog products your child will be learning and it will make noise.   
 Zoomer, the robotic dog is so much fun.  He knows 3 languages, and is fully trainable.  Don't have a backyard, can't take out a dog on walks, don't worry just get a robotic one.  Toys like this amaze me, and help me realize the future is here..and excites me for what kind of toys will be around when our children are older.
 Holiday Specs, 3D glasses that make simple Christmas lights so much more fun.  There's different designs on the glasses, and once you look through them towards the decorative lights you will see that design on every light.  They had a tiny tree with lights and I got to test out the snowflakes, it's really a fun item.
 Twilight Turtle, one of my favorite items and it keeps getting better.  Not only does it illuminate the lights and have many features, now you can sync it to your play list via an app, record your voice and so much more.  One thing that I did learn for the first time was that the adorable turtle is very light, for some reason I thought it was hard and heavy... :)
 Zing Toys Ztek Bow.  Everything in the Zing Toys line seems to be on my son's wish list.
Kids into science?  Check out Thames & Kosmos.  I'm looking forward to checking out some science kits for my son and I, for fun and for the science portion of our homeschooling.
Angry Birds TelePods gives children the opportunity to collect the Angry Bird figures, and combine real life play with the game. 
Pick a character and "telepod" it right into your game.
Mega Bloks Barbie Build n' Play Super Star Stage.  I like it because I have so many boys in my family that loves Legos and some girls who aren't particularly fond of it all because they're such girly girls.  This gives them the opportunity to build and play with their favorite, Barbie.  Make sure you're following #tweets4toys I believe they're giving one away this week.
Green Toys have always been adored in our home, their items are made entirely out of recycled materials.  Always nice subtle colors, and it's simplicity encourages a child's natural creativity and imagination.
TOMY's Battroborg is so much fun!  Everyone was battling it out at the event.  It's a classic that has been improved and brought back.  Think it's sure to be a hit with everyone.
My son loves Laser Pegs.  Children can build and play as they would with say, Legos but with light.  They are compatible with other building toys, unlike many toys out on the market today - these have lights that will stay on for a very long time.  Was even told it could double as a great night light for children.  These facts alone are my top reasons why I love Laser Pegs.  All of the ones I've seen are a 2 in 1, 4 in 1, or even 8 in 1 building sets, so you will get your moneys worth.  These make a great gift for children that love to build and create, the added light just adds to the fun and makes Laser Peg creations unique.  With the whole Laser Pegs line you'll find the perfect stocking stuffer, if not the perfect present that will be sure to light up your home..or that one table you are working on.
Even though time seems to be flying by me these days, I'm now so much more excited for this holiday season having learned a bit more about what's out there.  Now looking forward to shopping for all the children in our family..and maybe for some adults too.  There were so many amazing items that I didn't share with you here, so check them all out at The Toy Insider.  Check back for more in depth reviews this season!  Huge thanks to the hard working women behind the #HotToys13 event, make sure to follow them on twitter.