Make Food Fun for Kids

#daytodayMOMentsWhen it comes to food, we all just want our kids to eat, and eat healthy.  Of course this is without mention food allergies, which in our case is a whole other thing.  My son happens to love food, even though, as I say often; food doesn't always love him.  Many families get to order in once a week, or pick up a snack or eat out once a week but we unfortunately don't get to enjoy that luxury.  
I struggle as much as the average stay at home mom that has to cook in what seems like all day long, to find different dishes to serve up for my family, with an added challenge as I have to cook and bake allergy friendly.  I am always looking for ideas and inspiration to come up with new dishes and ways to plate food for my son to fill that gap in his life (eating out) that he will most likely never experience.  My husband and I occasionally grab a cup of coffee or a snack of sorts if the kids fall asleep in the car, which is usually my *treat* here and there.  If either of us are without the children we get to eat anything, but my son (and now my daughter as well) only eats what I make him..all the time.  If I find myself excited about any food I have tasted, want to taste, I make sure to make a mock of it for my son, somehow.     
The simple things we take for granted.  Any time you eat anything you didn't have to cook/bake up, take a moment to be grateful - for so many don't have that luxury.  Recently I have been experimenting in the way I plate, instead of a fancy adult or restaurant style plate that I usually try to copy, I decided to have more fun with it.  It has been a hit!  We as people eat with our eyes as much as we do with our mouths, and I think that goes specially for children. 
Kids just want to have fun, why not make food fun too!  I think that applies to all children, not just those with food allergies.