Chuggington Rescue at Rocky Ridge Stack Track Set & The Chug Patrol - Ready to Rescue DVD

I received the item for the purpose of review, all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Notice the box is a little beat up?  Well, you know how little ones love boxes as much as the toy itself sometimes.  My daughter had so much fun climbing on top of it.
Right before all the fun started. 

I am obsessed with making my kids happy, so therefore I'm obsessed with toys.  Of course I believe as parents we all are.  I am always looking for the new and latest toys which is why I've been so excited about the Chuggington Rescue at the Rocky Ridge Stack Track play set by TOMY.    
Big brother builds and little sister enjoys the tracks as she tries to place the little train on the tracks. 
The Chuggington Rescue at the Rocky Ridge Stack Track is a fun action play set that children are able to build the way they want, as tall as they want.  Four layouts in one, but my son seems to love creating his own ways to build the tracks just as much.  It has nice sturdy pieces, easy for little hands, and one that won't break easy either.  Fun little features that promote imagination and lots of motor skills as they stack the tracks.  It has become one of our favorite toys.  The kids have been playing with it every morning.  I have it out in the living room floor, so my son and daughter plays around with it every morning while I get breakfast ready. 
 Then since the tracks are pretty high and sturdy, she attempts to go underneath it...
 Almost knocked down the whole thing...
..and she made it through completely!
What's even more fun is that sometimes I also put the Chuggington DVD on too while they are playing .  The Chuggington Chug Patrol - Ready To Rescue has five cute episodes, 65 min. long.  It is colorful, and even gets my little 11 month olds attention.      

We've had a number of train sets over the years, this is the first time we tried the Chuggington Stack Tracks but we love them.  Learn more about Chuggington Stack Track sets, the DVD and where to buy here.