Books for Craft Projects & Bedtime Reads #BookReview

I received item/s for the purpose of review all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Animals Everywhere: A Pop-Up Adventure
Have an animal lover in the family?  Then again, if you have a child, what young child doesn't like animals!  This book is perfect for that young child interested in learning about animals.  This book is obviously a pop-up book that features over a 100 animals, beautifully written, great to capture a young readers attention.  Kids will be able to take an adventure to learn about animals from the ocean to the jungle.  My son has been really interested in animals, more than ever before, now he wants to really learn about them - this has been a perfect book to add to our collection of animal books.  We are also learning to read, lots of rhymes in the book make for a fun read.  Great book for children ages 4 and up.
Craft-a-Doodle by Jenny Doh
I love this book, it's 144 pages of awesome!  I'm the kind of "artist" that is only able to draw by looking at an object, this book has 75 exercises that show you how easy it is to doodle up amazing pieces without much effort really.  It is a collaboration between 18 artists, that is sure to bring out the inner artist in you.  I never really learned to draw - I guess, or never really had it in me, so for me this book teaches me to think outside the box.  With a pencil, brush or marker anyone can find the inner artist in them.  My 5 year old is the opposite of me, he is always drawing, so he has become a fan of this book as well.  Not for young children, but if they're up for it, why not.  Great way to add a little something different to our arts & crafts part of our days. 
Flip Dolls and Other Toys by Laura Wilson
This book has me flipping through the pages everyday.  I am inspired at the possible creations.  I don't sew, besides the basic two ways to sew with needle and thread my mom taught me in middle school, I don't sew.  You will find directions and all that you need to make a not so ordinary stuffed toy, one that flips, zips, snaps, stacks and maybe even move.  My son has been asking me to make one of them, and it is definitely in our plans once I get the basic necessities from a craft store.  It's just the kind of book someone like me, or someone more craftier needs to make fun creative dolls.  Create keepsakes, gifts, and more. 
Popular Mechanics 101 Things That Go Fast: Planes, Trains and Automobiles You can Make and Ride
This book has full directions on how to attach a sail to a bicycle, how to build a motor car, skate-wheel scooter, a toy farm tractor, and so much more that move, spin, and all.  With original retro art and illustrations just as they were published in early issues of Poplular Mechanics magazine.  To my sons disappointment, it isn't a book I could really use and build anything since for most projects in the book I would probably need a garage, not a New York City apartment building.  Or maybe I'm just making excuses for my skills, or lack of.  Into building and big weekend projects?  This is for you!  I'm blown away, and only wish I could make something.  My son and I will make something one day from this book, he said so, he tells me every other day as he suggests a new project.