Puffs Fresh Faces Saline Wipes

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I love anything that makes my life easier!  Puffs Fresh Faces moist wipes with natural saline is something I didn't know I needed.  For a person that never used any wipes personally I sure have been needing them allot!  I laugh at myself every time I reach for one, which is at least once a day.  For a person that is last to take care of myself, having wipes to remove my make up at the end of a busy day is awesome.

The Puffs Fresh Faces wipes are made with natural saline, aloe, and vitamin E.  They come in four varieties; Light Lavender, Fresh Scent, Fragrance Free, and the Scent of Vicks, great for when you have cold I'm sure.  They have on the go packets, and a cute container to have at home too.  I like that the containers are hard plastic with a convenient opening, it keeps the wipes from drying for a long time.  I already mentioned it is great to remove makeup at the end of the night but it is also great to wipe noses, little hands, and even just use it to freshen up.  I think they would come in handy on a hot summer day, a cold day with a runny nose, and obviously so much more.  I went camping for the first time a few months back, wish we had these around.  To simply wipe my face and neck after running after the kids, working out at home, and cleaning up around the house, it's simply refreshing.  Everyone knows mommy needs handy wipes and already carry them, but these are much more multi functional in my opinion.  I was totally reluctant and didn't think I'd need them at all, but now love using them and glad I got to try them out.