The Sleeping Beauty - A Journey to the Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre Illustrated by Nikita Polyansky #BookReview

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I'm no expert at reviewing books, and not sure what the "proper" way is, but you if you know me at all, I'll tell you how it is, and only recommend items we like here.  We received "The Sleeping Beauty - Journey to the Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre" illustrated by Nikita Polyansky recently and I sat down to read it to my niece (9), little sister (6), and son (5). 

The girls seemed to love the story.  I did have to stop and explain some parts to the younger two but since they were familiar with the original "Sleeping Beauty" they understood it without a problem after a few pause with discussions.

It starts off with a young girl who loved ballet, Lena-Gabrielle wishing to attend the Mariinsky Theatre on Christmas day to see The Sleeping Beauty ballet.  When her father tells her it isn't possible, she ventures out on her own determined to see the show.  The rest of the story goes into this version of the Sleeping Beauty and ends with her back home in her bed.  It was cute how the little girl had help from a statue or two along the way to the theatre.  Unlike the original, sleeping beauty has six fairy godmothers in this version, and it is one of the godmothers that gets upset because the king forgot to invite her.  When it came time for the fairy godmothers to present their gifts to the princess, the one fairy godmother (Fairy Carabosse) declared that the princess would have her hand pierced with a spindle and die of the wound.  One of the other fairy godmothers, Lilac fairy did what she can and made it that instead of dying she would fall into a deep sleep for one hundred years. 

I think I've said enough, even though this is a children's tale, I don't want to give away all the details.  That's what makes this version interesting, and fun to read - the differences it has from the original or common we know of.  All the kids liked this, and having it be different made it interesting. 
You can purchase The Sleeping Beauty online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Suggested list price is $20.