Enjoy Life Foods Decadent Bars - The Perfect Back to School Snack

*I received samples for the purpose of review, all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Unless you are new here, you know that my son has severe multiple food allergies.  Sadly food allergies are more common these days, almost everyone knows someone with a food allergy.  Which is more the reason to learn more about it, even if you don't have food allergies yourself.  When you send your child off to school this year, consider sending an allergy friendly snack - to help keep other kids with food allergies safe while away from home.  If you are worried about finding a snack that is allergy friendly that tastes good whether you are someone with food allergies or someone with a friend that has allergies, give Enjoy Life Foods Decadent Bars.
I'll start with what matters most when talking about food; the taste.  Enjoy Life Foods Decadent Bars taste good!  You don't have to be someone looking to eat gluten free, or allergy friendly to enjoy these bars.  They come in 4 different varieties; S'Mores, Chocolate Sunbutter, Cinnamon Bun, and Cherry Cobbler.  I could honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by them all.  They were all full of flavor, yet none overwhelming.  Anyone without food allergies or with a gluten free diet will love these..my husband and I do.  Unfortunately my son can't have them because of millet, but if he could I know he would love these.

These bars are free of the eight common allergens and are gluten free!  They are delicious, and the perfect treat for you and to send off in your child's lunch box.  I've seen other snacks that say "school safe" because they are peanut free, but the only food allergies out there are not just peanuts.  As a snack to take to school, these bars will keep your children happy, and other children in school that might have food allergies safe..and in the end keeping you happy.

Learn more about these bars and more products Enjoy Life Foods has that are all free from the eight common allergens and gluten free.  All the ones I have tasted have been great tasting, so do give these a try.