An Easy Cabbage Carrots and Avocados Salad!

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To be a mom, and a wife..full time is so exhausting sometimes.  Exhausting to always find things to do, things to try, and the daily task of what to cook.  We work hard on trying new foods when we can, and I work extra hard always looking for ideas on new dishes to create for my family to eat.  All that experimenting that I do can be hard on our wallet as well, and we have to be budget conscious all the time being that my husband is the only one working at the moment.
One of the easiest ways to save money is learning to make many different dishes with the same ingredients.  I have been experimenting with cabbage and carrots, since not only is it good for you but it's one of those vegetables that can be placed into just about everything.  Oh and of course you can find both for under five dollars at any grocery store.  I recently made a cabbage, carrot and avocado salad that was super easy to make but also was a hit with the whole family.  Avocados are a true favorite that I always have in my kitchen.  I used to carry one around in my purse to feed my son when he was younger, and although my daughter doesn't seem to like it as much - it remains to be a staple in our kitchen. 

I used an awesome avocado slicer from Good Cook to make it even easier for me.  I've cut open many avocados but as accidents do happen, I've cut my finger open cutting an avocado in the past so this is a tool that I love.  It's a perfect size that fits in the kitchen drawers, one that I can take to go, yes I do take things like this to go since I cook on the go for my son with food allergies all the time.  It has been a great addition to our kitchen, great nonslip grip and great bright color. 

Hope you like the very simple cabbage, carrot and avocado salad as much as we do.  It's great on the side of your main dish or toss in a few more ingredients to make it a light tasty lunch.

Cut the cabbage in thin slices
Grate the carrot
Sprinkle salt and pepper
A tablespoon or two of vinegar
A pinch of sugar
-Mix it all
Top with sliced avocados

No exact measurements as it depends on how much you're in the mood for, just eyeball it!  It's hard to fail making this delicious salad.  You can "cream" the avocados and completely mix in as well.

Enjoy on the side of your main dish, or toss in some protein and enjoy as your main dish! ;)
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