What Matters at the End of the Day

How busy I have been I couldn't begin to tell you.  It has been one of those no time to sit, sleep, and relax kind of month for us here.  But I'm almost used that here as I learned fast that being a mom of two isn't an easy task, and "down time" doesn't really exist.  This months has been full of excitement.  Our baby girl will be 8 months old, and our baby boy will be 5 years old.  Lots of things going on everyday, and it's the little happenings going on that remind me of what's important in life at the end of the day.  

Our baby girl now has two little teeth, sits completely unsupported, is slowly starting to eat solids, and is one little bundle of attitude.  We call her our "little boss" around here.  She screams and squeals when she wants something, which is usually me.  Surprise, surprise, she's a mommy's girl much like her brother was.  When I need to get something done and leave her side or the room we are all in, I have to sneak out or else she screams for me.  Although she reminds me of her little brother often, I'm surprised more at how completely different they are.  From the time she was inside me, she was full of attitude.  She kicked and twirled constantly letting me know.  Her head full of hair reaching down to her back, in perfect natural layers, our beautiful little princess.  She brings our family so much joy.

My little baby boy, he has changed so much in the past 7 months.  He has transformed into an independent little boy, much more than he was already.  Amazing how having a younger sibling changes someone.  We have children his age in our family, and there is a noticeable difference.  I'm just one proud mom, he is truly one amazing little boy.  He is unbelievably loving, and sweet.  He is also learning allot better, and makes me proud as he is eager to learn as well.  I cannot believe he will be 5 this month, my little baby boy.  Thanks to him I see the world differently, thanks to him the little things are appreciated more, thanks to my children there isn't a half hour that passes without me smiling or laughing.

Everyday is a day to learn, not just for my little girl trying to learn to move around on her own as she twirls around on the bed, and not just for my little boy that attentively tries to learn how to write but for me.  I'm learning that what matter most are the little squeals my daughter makes while she jumps up and down with her arms out are what matters, and the many moments when my little boy comes and gives me a hug telling me he loves me are what matters. 

Just stop and notice them, so many little things that matter more than the "big" failures or even the "big" happenings at the end of the day.