Vtech Toys Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset #Review

*I received item for the purpose of review. All opinions are a 100% my own. No other compensation was provided.
The Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset has been a hit with my kids.  My little 7 month old loves the colors, and the sounds the little airplane makes.  My 4 year old loves taking it apart and re-arranging the tracks in different ways.  It's great to see them playing "together," as big brother teaches little sister how to play. 
Recommended for ages 1-5 on the box, and considering my kids both are fond of it, that's accurate - of course it varies per child.  The Airport Playset comes with one airplane vehicle, there are more you can collect that work with the smartpoints on the tracks.   
There are twelve track pieces that make it fun for kids to connect, and brings out their imagination as they can create their own track pattern and play "airport."  The tracks are colorful, and the play set has colorful images all around, like the people in the airport.
 Every child I know loves tracks.  This play set promotes motor skills, puzzle piecing, imagination, and more. 
The airplane sings and talks.  My daughter's favorite!  There is a gas station, and cute little details that make it fun for your child.  I wouldn't buy this for a 5 year old, but a 5 year old with a younger sibling, absolutely.  It's a great toy to grow with you.  Right now my baby girl is just tossing it around, loving the sound the airplane makes (taking it along with us outside) but eventually she will start to piece them together and learn to play as her older brother has fun teaching her.  My son plays with this daily, sometimes combining different toys with the tracks as well.  This is a toy, sure to catch any child's attention, and I do recommend it.