Pregnant or Nursing? Check Out Thyme Maternity Wear! #Review

I received the item for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
Let me start off by stating that I was never fully a fan of maternity wear, always thought most of the ones I've tried had too much fabric and not stylish.  It was like fast forward into the "mom jeans" look, and it was upsetting to be feeling huge and then to find the only clothes that fit were the ones that made me look like some old wall paper..ah..over a pillow?  You get it right?  Not stylish, made me feel bigger.  But then..I got to browse the selection of Thyme Maternity, of course being that I'm not pregnant anymore, I clicked straight into the Nursing section.  Again, skeptical, wondering how the fit would be - wondered if even necessary to wear nursing tops and dresses.  I gave one of the Popover tops a try.
It was all I ever wanted when I was pregnant, and perfect for me still struggling to find comfortable tops that allow me to nurse.  A hooded shirt, long enough to wear over leggings and with a front zip so I don't overheat if pregnant, or to nurse conveniently.  And being that it is a nursing top, it has the coverage needed while nursing in public.  I nurse in public if needed, but my baby is usually completely covered in a light blanket.

After trying this Popover top, I realize I have been missing out.  Missing out on the comfort of being able to nurse comfortably, and also jeopardizing my babies comfort covering her up the way I used to.  The best part is that the top is totally cute, and comfortable even without it being awesome for a pregnant mama to be or a nursing mama, which is so hard to find!  I was able to nurse my baby in my arms and pose for family photos at the park without anyone even really seeing that I was actually nursing.  I love Thyme Maternity wear, and looking forward to adding more nursing tops to my closet.  I recommend you check out their awesome line if you are pregnant or nursing, I'm so excited about them, looking forward to gifting them to friends that are expecting as well.  Besides the great styles that initially caught my eye, I love that it's affordable.  I found other maternity wear brands when I was pregnant, but find Thyme Maternity offers a way to be stylish in different settings without losing the comfort and being over priced.   

More info on Thyme Maternity:
"Thyme Maternity announced its official launch in the U.S. in November through an exclusive partnership with Babies“R”Us and With decades of experience helping moms-to-be look and feel their best, Thyme offers current and comfortable maternity styles from casual to work, plus a complete line of nursing tops and accessories for the transition period after baby is born. Available styles include denim, dressy and casual pants, knit tops and blouses, dresses, tees, loungewear and outerwear, nursing tops and bras and a skincare collection, designed for during and after pregnancy."                                               
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