I'm Taking the #1 Gastroenterologist Recommended Probiotic Supplement - Align #DRAlign #cbias

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 Duane Reade (http://duanereade.com)
My baby girl is already six months old, and I'm still on my mission (no matter how long it takes me) to get my pre-baby body back and be a healthier me.  Along with exercise, eating right, I've picked up a box of Align from Duane Reade and started taking it, a probiotic supplement to aid me with my goal.  As a way to test it out the product, I have "signed" on to a 14 day trial.  In case you're like my friend who the other day asked humorously if I'm "having trouble going or something" since she saw I was taking Align, I'll go over the same basics I learned about Align since I started taking it about 2 weeks because I get it, I once thought that's what probiotics were all about... 
I read Align reviews and got an overall idea of the product before hand. (http://aligngi.com).  Lots of great information, such as Align Youtube videos. (Align Youtube videos)
Satisfaction guaranteed.  If you're not satisfied with the results you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase. 
Take one daily.
 Align has unique B.infantis 35624 not available in other probiotic products, including store brands.
Random fact, contains milk, for those with food allergies.  
 The box came with $15 worth of P&G brands coupons inside.  I also used my convenient balance rewards card right off the Duane Reade app, so I got more points.  :)  
Align probiotic supplement is the #1 Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic supplement, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  Even though I have taken probiotics before, I always assumed that all probiotic supplements were the same, seems my assumptions were wrong.  By taking one capsule a day, Align fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7, and different from other supplements it contains B.ifantis, a natural and pure probiotic strain.  If one continues to take Align daily, it naturally helps build and support a healthy digestive system.  The natural balance of good bacteria in a person gets disrupted by stress, change of diet, sleep and the Align probiotic supplement is good bacteria for your body that will benefit many vital body functions, including digestive health.   
All medicine/supplements should be like this.  Conveniently packaging with days of the week. 
I really like that it's a tiny little capsule.  Image above; capsule is on a teaspoon.
So taking probiotics isn't always about fixing a problem, but about the general improving and maintaining of your digestive health.  I've taken probiotics before, and glad I started taking it again.  In the end I may have talked my friend into wanting to try Align too.  Like anything it takes time for you to see results so if you do give Align a try, give it about at least a good week to really see a difference.  I figured the good bacteria in my body, along with everything else must have been tossed around quite a bit getting pregnant and giving birth, and decided anything that aids in a healthier me is worth trying.  I'll continue to take Align along with all my other efforts of being a healthier me and maybe rally in some friends and family to take it too while I'm at it.  

Have you taken probiotics before?