Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones - Seriously Beautiful Sound #cbias

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comes with carrying case
When is the last time you enjoyed time to yourself to listen to your favorite songs?  Or watch a movie?  I remember when my husband and I used to put up the volume and enjoy our days listening to music during the day and watching a movie at night..when it was just us.  Now with two young kids, the opportunity doesn't present itself often.  That's when quality headphones like the Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones becomes a daily necessity.
contents of package
With a lack of quality headphones in our home, I searched for one online which lead me to the Harman Kardon website, and ended up ordering the Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones.  It has proven to be a great investment; one of those items the whole family can get a use out of.  When we opened the headphones, the first thing I noticed was the little carrying box it comes in; convenient to toss in my bag without worrying about it getting tangled or worry of losing any pieces.  Also noticeable was the heavy cable and durable plug it was equipped with.  We've had many cables of different devices give out, but just by the feel of it, there was a noticeable difference of quality with this one.  I really liked that these headphones had a clean simple look, and another great plus; it came with three different size silicone sleeves for the ear piece.  The sizes allowed it to be used by all of us, even my preschooler who tried it out already.  For the first time he enjoyed using in-ear headphones without it hurting his ears or falling out because the smallest size worked for him.

Apple three-button remote with a built-in microphone.
In just a day, we've all tried it out.  My husband was able to listen and watch videos in true clarity, sitting by my side as I was putting our baby girl down for her nap.  He took it to the gym, used it with his iPhone to listen to music and will also be able to pick up my calls with an easy click, as it comes with an Apple three-button remote with a built-in microphone.  When I tried it out, I was impressed with the quality of music even at different volumes.  I could tell you how great it all sounded, and how I truly noticed the quality but here's all that in more technical terms right from their site:

"Optimized driver system
High-performance 3/8-inch (9-millimeter) drivers generate an excellent frequency response (20Hz – 20kHz), wide dynamic range and high sound-pressure levels. They also produce accurate bass at any volume level."
"Sonic clarity and accuracy even at low volume levels
The NIs’ acoustic engineering and passive noise-reduction mean that you can hear music and other audio content clearly at low volume levels. So you can enjoy all the music definition without all the volume – and that’s safer for your ears."
seriously beautiful sound even when the volume is low quality remains!
With an active preschooler and 7 month-old baby always with us we can't always watch what we want on television, and we certainly can't just put our music out loud when we want to but at least with quality headphones when we do get the chance to do so privately, we don't have to sacrifice the quality of sound.  Our baby girl spends lots of time napping, so there's lots of "shhh" going on here so it's great to be able to have my husband, my son, and even myself at times just use headphones that works for all of us.  Oh and time to myself to watch a movie, or watch music videos just got better with the Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones as I can do just that once everyone is asleep and still be by their side.  I'm sure you'd agree that with a sleeping child, silence is important, but so is getting the most out of what you're listening to and I'm glad I could do that with our Harman Kardon headphones.  We have other headphones at home, but I've learned that spending a little more for quality does make a huge difference.  I noticed while I was shopping for these, there are more varieties as well, can't wait to give those a try some day.
my headphones right out of the box

Am I the only one new to Harman Kardon, have you tried them before?