Food Allergies Terrifies Me! #FoodAllergies

Food allergies.  I like to think we got it all under control, and you know "we got this," but we don't.  I fear it.  I fear food allergies every time we head out, every time we open a new package of something for my son to eat (even if ingredients listed are safe, and even if my son has had it a million times before), and every time my son eat fresh foods even.  Every time my son plays with his little friends, every time..every day..always.  :(

Unpredictable you are. 

My son is unable to play as he would if he didn't have food allergies, he is unable to have sleepovers, unable to be apart from us, and enjoy so many little things many take for granted.  It all didn't seem too big a deal a year back, but as he gets older my heart breaks to see that I can't give him the world.  The reality that food allergies do stand in his way of so many things in life.  He makes us so proud.  Smart, outgoing, kind, and imaginative little guy he is.  I will do all that I can to keep him safe and still give him a fulfilling fun filled life that he deserves.

Then, there are more fears.  Food allergies. allergies. 

Does my daughter have food allergies too?  With every little red spot, little gassy tummy she gets I'm terrified.  She's six months old now, and I can't help but be terrified about her starting to eat.  When she turns her head, I can't force it because what if she's allergic to whatever I'm offering her.  She's 6 and a half months, and still isn't eating as much as some children were at four months.  My little baby girl, my little love.  She is just so full of joy and character already.  I just think as long as she is healthy, and happy.    I'm just scared.

What if she's allergic to foods my son is okay with, and then vice-versa?  We have a long list of foods we avoid as it is...

Well, there..that was a bit of the thoughts in my head.  My fears, what keeps me up at night.  What simply terrifies me at times. 

Now I have to turn around and be brave for my family.  A brave mom that knows all in the eyes of my children.  I just love them so much, I want them safe and happy.  My little love muffins, how much I love them words can't describe! :)