Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones - Seriously Beautiful Sound #cbias

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comes with carrying case
When is the last time you enjoyed time to yourself to listen to your favorite songs?  Or watch a movie?  I remember when my husband and I used to put up the volume and enjoy our days listening to music during the day and watching a movie at night..when it was just us.  Now with two young kids, the opportunity doesn't present itself often.  That's when quality headphones like the Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones becomes a daily necessity.
contents of package
With a lack of quality headphones in our home, I searched for one online which lead me to the Harman Kardon website, and ended up ordering the Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones.  It has proven to be a great investment; one of those items the whole family can get a use out of.  When we opened the headphones, the first thing I noticed was the little carrying box it comes in; convenient to toss in my bag without worrying about it getting tangled or worry of losing any pieces.  Also noticeable was the heavy cable and durable plug it was equipped with.  We've had many cables of different devices give out, but just by the feel of it, there was a noticeable difference of quality with this one.  I really liked that these headphones had a clean simple look, and another great plus; it came with three different size silicone sleeves for the ear piece.  The sizes allowed it to be used by all of us, even my preschooler who tried it out already.  For the first time he enjoyed using in-ear headphones without it hurting his ears or falling out because the smallest size worked for him.

Apple three-button remote with a built-in microphone.
In just a day, we've all tried it out.  My husband was able to listen and watch videos in true clarity, sitting by my side as I was putting our baby girl down for her nap.  He took it to the gym, used it with his iPhone to listen to music and will also be able to pick up my calls with an easy click, as it comes with an Apple three-button remote with a built-in microphone.  When I tried it out, I was impressed with the quality of music even at different volumes.  I could tell you how great it all sounded, and how I truly noticed the quality but here's all that in more technical terms right from their site:

"Optimized driver system
High-performance 3/8-inch (9-millimeter) drivers generate an excellent frequency response (20Hz – 20kHz), wide dynamic range and high sound-pressure levels. They also produce accurate bass at any volume level."
"Sonic clarity and accuracy even at low volume levels
The NIs’ acoustic engineering and passive noise-reduction mean that you can hear music and other audio content clearly at low volume levels. So you can enjoy all the music definition without all the volume – and that’s safer for your ears."
seriously beautiful sound even when the volume is low quality remains!
With an active preschooler and 7 month-old baby always with us we can't always watch what we want on television, and we certainly can't just put our music out loud when we want to but at least with quality headphones when we do get the chance to do so privately, we don't have to sacrifice the quality of sound.  Our baby girl spends lots of time napping, so there's lots of "shhh" going on here so it's great to be able to have my husband, my son, and even myself at times just use headphones that works for all of us.  Oh and time to myself to watch a movie, or watch music videos just got better with the Harman Kardon NI Precision In-Ear Headphones as I can do just that once everyone is asleep and still be by their side.  I'm sure you'd agree that with a sleeping child, silence is important, but so is getting the most out of what you're listening to and I'm glad I could do that with our Harman Kardon headphones.  We have other headphones at home, but I've learned that spending a little more for quality does make a huge difference.  I noticed while I was shopping for these, there are more varieties as well, can't wait to give those a try some day.
my headphones right out of the box

Am I the only one new to Harman Kardon, have you tried them before?    

Vtech Toys Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset #Review

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The Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset has been a hit with my kids.  My little 7 month old loves the colors, and the sounds the little airplane makes.  My 4 year old loves taking it apart and re-arranging the tracks in different ways.  It's great to see them playing "together," as big brother teaches little sister how to play. 
Recommended for ages 1-5 on the box, and considering my kids both are fond of it, that's accurate - of course it varies per child.  The Airport Playset comes with one airplane vehicle, there are more you can collect that work with the smartpoints on the tracks.   
There are twelve track pieces that make it fun for kids to connect, and brings out their imagination as they can create their own track pattern and play "airport."  The tracks are colorful, and the play set has colorful images all around, like the people in the airport.
 Every child I know loves tracks.  This play set promotes motor skills, puzzle piecing, imagination, and more. 
The airplane sings and talks.  My daughter's favorite!  There is a gas station, and cute little details that make it fun for your child.  I wouldn't buy this for a 5 year old, but a 5 year old with a younger sibling, absolutely.  It's a great toy to grow with you.  Right now my baby girl is just tossing it around, loving the sound the airplane makes (taking it along with us outside) but eventually she will start to piece them together and learn to play as her older brother has fun teaching her.  My son plays with this daily, sometimes combining different toys with the tracks as well.  This is a toy, sure to catch any child's attention, and I do recommend it.   


Set of Produce Keepers #Giveaway - 4 Winners #ProFreshKeepers

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These bpa free plastic Produce Veggie Keepers are a great way to keep your vegetables sealed away even after having used some of it, therefore keeping them fresher longer.  Instead of just plastic wrap or a plastic bag, these are not only functional but great looking to have on your kitchen counter or refrigerator.  These can be used for more than one vegetable, for example I was able to use the place small peppers in the  keeper cantaloupe keeper and  cherry tomatoes in the regular sized tomato keeper and so on.  It worked just the same way it would with the intended vegetable or fruit.  The fun colorful Produce Keepers set includes a banana keeper, citrus keeper, asparagus keeper, tomato keeper, grapefruit keeper, cantaloupe keeper, and a pepper keeper.  We love our vegetables and fruits in our home, and purchase tons of them so having produce keepers have been nice.  I love the way they look, and really enjoy that they seal away any odors like the strong smell of an onion.  

*Speaking of vegetables, here's how we enjoy our mixed greens and vegetable salad, it's our go-to favorite in our home:
What you'll need
  • Generous amount of washed and pre-packaged organic mixed greens
  • 1 /2 a cup of canned garbanzo beans drained
  • 1/2 cup of firm tofu cubed
  • 1 long cucumber sliced and halved
  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 avocado cut up
  • 1 carrot shredded
  • 3 small sweet peppers cut thin
toss all of the above in a large bowl
sprinkle *salt and *pepper coating top layer
pour favorite dressing, my favorite and go-to dressing is a mix of:
  • vinegar and olive oil  OR
  • balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Mix thoroughly.  Should serve 4-6 generously.  And enjoy.  Simple, easy, healthy and filling.  Substitute any of the ingredients to your liking, this is just the way we usually enjoy it.
Purchase them now at the Good Cook site, get an additional 25% off your order by using promo code KEEPERS, as well as a special a free banana keeper with your purchase of any keeper.
You can enter to win 1 of 4 Produce Keeper sets below!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck! :)
http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/17ff6121/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway


Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash and the Upcoming A-Wish-for-a-Swish Event #ColgateWish #cbias

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Available in 3 flavors: Peppermint Blast, Spearmint Surge, and Wintermint Rush (not pictured)
How many times do you brush your teeth a day?  I used to be obsessed with a fresh clean mouth, was one of those people that brushed right after eating, I actually carried my toothbrush in my purse with me back in the day.  These days I have so many other things to worry about, that little quirk of mine had to go.  Luckily in between my brushes I have mouthwash that I turn to.  Are you a fan of Colgate on facebook?  If you are, you might have read about A Wish for a Swish event coming up on Tuesday June 25, 2012 at 10:30AM.  It's a celebration of the launch of Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash, and once again another one of those wonderful happenings in NYC with a great cause in mind. 
A Wish for a Swish event is about joining in to donate to the Make-A-Wish® foundation, while having fun attempting to break the Guinness World Records® record for the "Most people using mouthwash simultaneously," sounds like fun right?  If you choose to participate in person at Times Square on Tuesday, June 25 where actress and TV host, Stacy Keibler and Colgate will be, they'll donate $1 for your participation.  You can already upload a picture of yourself smiling after using the mouthwash now until July 1, 2013 so that Colgate will donate a $1 to Make-A-Wish® foundation.  The Make-A-Wish® foundation is a non-profit organization founded in the United States that grants wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions.  As a mom it's truly heartbreaking to hear of children being so ill, but I'm thankful for those doing what they can to help, and also allowing others to take part. 
shopping for Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash at local Walgreens

trying out mouthwash at home
As I mentioned the event is also about the celebration of the launch of Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash.  I plan to take part in the event by uploading a picture, and in the spirit of doing what I can for those children and their wishes, I recently went and purchased the mouthwash so I'm ready for the camera.  As I also mentioned, mouthwash is an essential in my days these days, so I was glad I got to try it as well.  Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash says it has 12-hr protection against germs, kills 99% of germs, significantly reduces plaque, helps prevent gingivitis, no burn of alcohol, and freshens breath.  I purchased the Peppermint Blast, and was pleased to read about it, and happy to report that I'm loving the results I've had so far.  It's the kind of mouthwash I can depend on.
Walgreens in Times Square, New York
If you can, head to Times Square on Tuesday June 25, 2013, check in is at 10:30AM ends at 11:45AM.  Every participant in person and online is one more dollar to the Make-A-Wish® foundation, they'll donate a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $60,000.  Get more information on the Colgate event page, where you can learn more and update your smiling photo to help out from home.  More information can be found on the Colgate twitter page as well; @ColgateSmile.

Milk Unleashed - on the go nutrition

I received samples for the purpose of review, all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided. 
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends milk and water as the beverage to give children age one to three.  Milk Unleashed is all about the milk that you can take anywhere, it's shelf stable milk that doesn't need refrigeration.  Similar to the juice cartons, they can be stored on shelf for up to 6 months. 

Many milk brands are offering single serve milk cartons for consumers.  It's super handy, and without preservatives - there's only gain.  As you know my son has food allergies and dairy is one of them, milk is very dangerous for us to have at our home.  We are able to have these perfect single serve cartons of milk on the very top shelf (where even we need a step stool to reach) and still have milk handy if needed.  My husband and I grab one to go if we need when we head out.  It's one of the only ways we get are able to drink milk when we do.  We have shelf stable dairy free milk available for my son as well.   

For families without allergies, offering milk instead of juice or even worse soda while out isn't the only option.  These cartons can be taken with you in your diaper bag, placed on your office shelf, placed in your child's lunch box and more.  Learn more about Milk Unleashed, and enjoy your milk anytime, anywhere!  It isn't just a beverage on the go, it's nutrition on the go.: )

More info.

Pregnant or Nursing? Check Out Thyme Maternity Wear! #Review

I received the item for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 
Let me start off by stating that I was never fully a fan of maternity wear, always thought most of the ones I've tried had too much fabric and not stylish.  It was like fast forward into the "mom jeans" look, and it was upsetting to be feeling huge and then to find the only clothes that fit were the ones that made me look like some old wall paper..ah..over a pillow?  You get it right?  Not stylish, made me feel bigger.  But then..I got to browse the selection of Thyme Maternity, of course being that I'm not pregnant anymore, I clicked straight into the Nursing section.  Again, skeptical, wondering how the fit would be - wondered if even necessary to wear nursing tops and dresses.  I gave one of the Popover tops a try.
It was all I ever wanted when I was pregnant, and perfect for me still struggling to find comfortable tops that allow me to nurse.  A hooded shirt, long enough to wear over leggings and with a front zip so I don't overheat if pregnant, or to nurse conveniently.  And being that it is a nursing top, it has the coverage needed while nursing in public.  I nurse in public if needed, but my baby is usually completely covered in a light blanket.

After trying this Popover top, I realize I have been missing out.  Missing out on the comfort of being able to nurse comfortably, and also jeopardizing my babies comfort covering her up the way I used to.  The best part is that the top is totally cute, and comfortable even without it being awesome for a pregnant mama to be or a nursing mama, which is so hard to find!  I was able to nurse my baby in my arms and pose for family photos at the park without anyone even really seeing that I was actually nursing.  I love Thyme Maternity wear, and looking forward to adding more nursing tops to my closet.  I recommend you check out their awesome line if you are pregnant or nursing, I'm so excited about them, looking forward to gifting them to friends that are expecting as well.  Besides the great styles that initially caught my eye, I love that it's affordable.  I found other maternity wear brands when I was pregnant, but find Thyme Maternity offers a way to be stylish in different settings without losing the comfort and being over priced.   

More info on Thyme Maternity:
"Thyme Maternity announced its official launch in the U.S. in November through an exclusive partnership with Babies“R”Us and Babiesrus.com/thyme. With decades of experience helping moms-to-be look and feel their best, Thyme offers current and comfortable maternity styles from casual to work, plus a complete line of nursing tops and accessories for the transition period after baby is born. Available styles include denim, dressy and casual pants, knit tops and blouses, dresses, tees, loungewear and outerwear, nursing tops and bras and a skincare collection, designed for during and after pregnancy."                                               
Learn more at facebook.com/thymematernityusa.

Food Allergies Terrifies Me! #FoodAllergies

Food allergies.  I like to think we got it all under control, and you know "we got this," but we don't.  I fear it.  I fear food allergies every time we head out, every time we open a new package of something for my son to eat (even if ingredients listed are safe, and even if my son has had it a million times before), and every time my son eat fresh foods even.  Every time my son plays with his little friends, every time..every day..always.  :(

Unpredictable you are. 

My son is unable to play as he would if he didn't have food allergies, he is unable to have sleepovers, unable to be apart from us, and enjoy so many little things many take for granted.  It all didn't seem too big a deal a year back, but as he gets older my heart breaks to see that I can't give him the world.  The reality that food allergies do stand in his way of so many things in life.  He makes us so proud.  Smart, outgoing, kind, and imaginative little guy he is.  I will do all that I can to keep him safe and still give him a fulfilling fun filled life that he deserves.

Then, there are more fears.  Food allergies.  Oh..food allergies. 

Does my daughter have food allergies too?  With every little red spot, little gassy tummy she gets I'm terrified.  She's six months old now, and I can't help but be terrified about her starting to eat.  When she turns her head, I can't force it because what if she's allergic to whatever I'm offering her.  She's 6 and a half months, and still isn't eating as much as some children were at four months.  My little baby girl, my little love.  She is just so full of joy and character already.  I just think as long as she is healthy, and happy.    I'm just scared.

What if she's allergic to foods my son is okay with, and then vice-versa?  We have a long list of foods we avoid as it is...

Well, there..that was a bit of the thoughts in my head.  My fears, what keeps me up at night.  What simply terrifies me at times. 

Now I have to turn around and be brave for my family.  A brave mom that knows all in the eyes of my children.  I just love them so much, I want them safe and happy.  My little love muffins, how much I love them words can't describe! :)          

I'm Taking the #1 Gastroenterologist Recommended Probiotic Supplement - Align #DRAlign #cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.
 Duane Reade (http://duanereade.com)
My baby girl is already six months old, and I'm still on my mission (no matter how long it takes me) to get my pre-baby body back and be a healthier me.  Along with exercise, eating right, I've picked up a box of Align from Duane Reade and started taking it, a probiotic supplement to aid me with my goal.  As a way to test it out the product, I have "signed" on to a 14 day trial.  In case you're like my friend who the other day asked humorously if I'm "having trouble going or something" since she saw I was taking Align, I'll go over the same basics I learned about Align since I started taking it about 2 weeks because I get it, I once thought that's what probiotics were all about... 
I read Align reviews and got an overall idea of the product before hand. (http://aligngi.com).  Lots of great information, such as Align Youtube videos. (Align Youtube videos)
Satisfaction guaranteed.  If you're not satisfied with the results you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase. 
Take one daily.
 Align has unique B.infantis 35624 not available in other probiotic products, including store brands.
Random fact, contains milk, for those with food allergies.  
 The box came with $15 worth of P&G brands coupons inside.  I also used my convenient balance rewards card right off the Duane Reade app, so I got more points.  :)  
Align probiotic supplement is the #1 Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic supplement, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  Even though I have taken probiotics before, I always assumed that all probiotic supplements were the same, seems my assumptions were wrong.  By taking one capsule a day, Align fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7, and different from other supplements it contains B.ifantis, a natural and pure probiotic strain.  If one continues to take Align daily, it naturally helps build and support a healthy digestive system.  The natural balance of good bacteria in a person gets disrupted by stress, change of diet, sleep and the Align probiotic supplement is good bacteria for your body that will benefit many vital body functions, including digestive health.   
All medicine/supplements should be like this.  Conveniently packaging with days of the week. 
I really like that it's a tiny little capsule.  Image above; capsule is on a teaspoon.
So taking probiotics isn't always about fixing a problem, but about the general improving and maintaining of your digestive health.  I've taken probiotics before, and glad I started taking it again.  In the end I may have talked my friend into wanting to try Align too.  Like anything it takes time for you to see results so if you do give Align a try, give it about at least a good week to really see a difference.  I figured the good bacteria in my body, along with everything else must have been tossed around quite a bit getting pregnant and giving birth, and decided anything that aids in a healthier me is worth trying.  I'll continue to take Align along with all my other efforts of being a healthier me and maybe rally in some friends and family to take it too while I'm at it.  

Have you taken probiotics before?