Tummy Ouchy? Get Urgent Rx Upset Stomach Relief To-Go! #cbias

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I love food, even when it's varieties of food, even more trying new food..get the picture here?  Buffets were my best friend the very few times we went out to eat growing up.  But all those experimenting with different foods can cause an upset stomach sometimes - a very uncomfortable unwanted tummy ache come on.  I remembered from one of the last times I was at Duane Reade that they carry Urgent Rx Upset Stomach Ache Relief To-Go and went for a visit to pick some up to have with me.  Our home is mostly allergy friendly so I do the experimental eating while I'm out so the little packet is perfect on the go.  I'm glad I picked some up when I did because I needed it...
great for inside your purse
The Urgent Rx Upset Stomach Relief is great as it doesn't require any water to take it.  The amount of powdered medicine inside..it doesn't even fill a teaspoon, and has a subtle taste.  I was happy I had picked some up, because the other day I went and had a milkshake while taking a walk, something I haven't had in a very long time because most of my days are dairy free.  Well, it tasted good, but I got tummy cramps right away, or as my son would say "my tummy was ouchy."  I don't know if it was the milkshake or just the fact that it had been a long time since I had it.  I was so happy to whip out my Urgent RX Upset Stomach Ache Relief and take it.  It's medicine that's easy to take, gives relief fast, and doesn't taste bad. Sounds good to me.  It's so convenient to take along with me.  So small and light, fits anywhere.  In your wallet, purse, pocket..anywhere. 
easy to open but not for a young child to get to (of course still keep out of their reach)
The medicine melts in your mouth, it's said that it works faster that way.  Since it's in powder form it enters the bloodstream faster then if it is in capsule or pill form.  The Urgent Rx is also available for Heartburn Relief, Head Ache Relief, Allergy Attack Relief, Upset Stomach Relief, Ache and Pain Relief, and Critical Care Aspirin.  Now that I list all of them, I might need have all them in hand, I've already tried and have Heartburn Relief.
really small and thin.  as small as my 5 month olds little shoe :P
So yeah..what a relief!  The moment when you get that ache in your tummy is not pleasant.  Quite scary depending where you are too..hehe...  But after I took the Urgent Rx Upset Stomach Relief the cramps seemed to disappear fast enough that I even forgot about it when I was walking with the kids the other day.  My husband might need it as he joins me in our food adventures often, and he ventures out of his comfort zone quite a bit as he tries different new foods at my dads.  Whether you love to try different foods or not, everyone gets an ouchy tummy..of course when you least expect it, so these are handy to have with you.