Easy Marshmallow Igloo - Rainy Day Fun Indoors

This is my "Wordless Wednesday" post..it's been a while.  It's raining out, we've got the windows open, it's a good thing when you have seasonal allergies...  Anyway, here's on of the things we are doing today...
A paper bowl, cut an arc, place glue all over then proceed with mini marshmallows. 

You can use sunbutter or frosting even, if you want it to be edible.  We were out so we just used glue.
You can also cut a paper cup in half and place on the opening of the "igloo."  Also cover in marshmallows.

*Super easy for kids, not as messy as some other crafting fun.  I just took this, my son is half way done with his igloo.  He said he wants to make little marshmallow people inside, we shall see.  This is a great way to do something fun for cheap, and without needing many items.  This idea can be taken further to decorate a cake, cupcakes and so on.  The same simple way.   

I know it isn't pretty or perfect but my son is making it all by himself. :)