Vtech InnoTab 2 Baby - The Learning App Tablet #Review #BTBBabyPalooza

With technology advancing rapidly and so many different gadgets coming out everyday, it's no surprise Vtech has come out with a tablet for baby.  And it's no surprise the InnoTab 2 Baby has already become a favorite in our home with it's great features.  It is the first tablet of it's kind made with a growing child in mind, recommended age 12 months to 9 years of age.  The perfect item for a first birthday present and on.  My four year old who has played with other "grown up" tablets, still seems to really like it.  It was easy for him to get started as he was able to customize the welcome screen with his own picture and greeting message on his own, which is one of it's great attributes.
 Options on screen include: E-Reader, Games, Art Studio, Camera, Video Recorder, Color & Pop, Photos, Videos, Music, Calculator, Friends, Clock, Calendar, Notes, Downloads..and more.
The Innotab2 Baby is full of age appropriate activities and parental controls that give kids a hands on experience with an interactive digital technology where they can have fun exploring safely.  It's activities include a simple Noah's Ark e-book reader, a calculator, video player, art studio, and other fun apps for children as they grow.  Hundreds of apps are also available for parents to download from the Vtech app store, the Learning Lodge.  I felt assured knowing everything that was on the tablet and knowing it was safe.  No purchases made accidentally, no advertisement, no worrying about it breaking, only fun and learning. 
removal bumper case
One of my personal favorites amongst many is the kiddie camera that rotates, pictures seem to come out a bit dark but it's a kiddie cam and my son doesn't seem to mind.  The tablet has a motion sensor, which really grabbed my attention, I didn't think a kids tablet would be so advanced.  It's price marked at $89 and if it seems like allot to you, think about how much the simplest toys are these days.  In my opinion it's worth the investment, for an item that will grow with your child.  At it's simplest it doubles as a child proof camera for your child.  It comes with a removal bumper that helps the Innotab2 Baby in case of drops and tumbles while in the hands of your child.  Vtech also carries the InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi learning app tablet that is geared for ages 3-9 years old, we haven't tried it, I assume similar great features but for the older child. 
comes with 2 styluses and holder for one in the back
Sorry this is long, but I really wanted to cover all the features the InnoTab2 Baby has to offer.  But you get the point, we really like it and we recommend it.  Hope it was helpful!  :)


*I received a complimentary InnoTab2 Baby at the #BTBBabyPalooza event.  All opinions are a 100% my own.